Trevor filming Red Frog Beach for our upcoming Travel Series!

There come’s a point when it’s time to continue blogging, but take the next step.  To me, that next step is to start my own travel show.  During my last trip backpacking through Costa Rica and Panama, my buddy Trevor & I began filming Episode 1 of our upcoming travel series.

We visited exotic places such as Montezuma to watch a fire show, Manzinillo to go on a rugged yet scenic nature tour with Omar & Bocas del Toro to visit the indigenous village on Isla Solarte.  In this pastellike photo, you can see Trevor filming the waves crashing into the rugged landscape off the coast of Red Frog Beach.  

This beautiful photo marks the beginning of a new era for Active Planet Travels…an era where dreams become a reality & where hard work truly pays off!


Happy Travels & Pura Vida my Friends!


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