Another Day in the Office!Making a steady stream of income online can be both an easy, yet tedious task when it comes to running a website or blog.  As far as what you have to do to grab the attention of a potential advertiser is quite easy, the hard part is grabbing enough of them to keep the lights on at the end of the day as well as keeping them coming back for more.

And with all the talk out there about the different types of revenue streams, there’s literally a list of possibilities that can go on forever; what it all comes down to is your ability to creatively come up with a way to turn your idea into a money-making boomerang.

I’ve found that my best source of revenue has come from a select few, dedicated group of advertisers.  In short, they tend to pay much better, are more reliable than your typical affiliate sales campaign and are more personal in that you have direct contact & control over what goes on your blog.

But how do you get them and, once you do have them, how do you get them to stick around?  Through much research as well as personal experience, I’ve found that this simple three-step plan always worked out for me and is just lucrative enough to keep the lights on at the end of the day.

Paid to advertise on your site

1) Welcome advertisers to your blog

So the quite obvious thing you need to do is let people know you’re welcoming advertisers.  You’d be surprised at how many bloggers fail to do this.  There are a few ways to do this.  The easiest being to put up a dedicated page just for potential advertisers.  Let them know your options and that you’re willing to work with them on any budget.  Flexibility is the key.  Take a look at my Advertising Page for example.  I list a variety of different options including but not limited to sponsored posts, banners, text links & even sponsored tweets.

In addition to putting up an advertising page, place a banner to the side column of your blog that says “Advertise Here” that links back to your Advertising Page.  This not only puts a bold statement of your availability out there, but it also gives a potential advertiser real life examples of how their banner would look on your site.

These are just a few options that you could use to start gathering attention and begin creating a steady stream of income through your blog.  Some other ideas would be to place a special section at the bottom of each of your post that you’re now accepting advertisers as well as placing affiliate ads on your blog that shows you are actively engaging with sponsors.

2) Find sponsors and advertisers

In short, sometimes you have to go look for them yourself especially if you’re not meeting your monthly expected quota.  But where do you go?

There are several places.  To start, look at social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter & even Youtube.  Do you see the ads that come up on the side of the page?  Who’s advertising there?  The companies that pop up are obviously putting money out there to advertise so if you contact them directly, they may just be willing to take their chances with you.

Off the Beaten Path

After using this method, start looking at other blogs that are in your niche.  What are advertisers paying them to put up a link, post, or product?  If they’re representing that company, then why can’t you?

Lastly, try taking a look at the companies that you would really like to endorse.  Is there a certain brand you’d like to represent?  Contact them directly and see if they’d be willing to pay you for a unique form of advertising unlike anything else.

Keep in mind that you want to stick to advertisers in your niche though as jumping all over the smorgasbord can hurt you in the long run and send a wrong message of your intentions to anyone willing to advertise through you.

3) Treat your advertisers and sponsors well

Okay, so maybe you don’t have to treat them like an actual king, but you better get close to it.  When you happen to land a deal with someone, make sure to give them the coverage they asked for Plus some!

Offer bulk discounts or repeat advertising specials where you give 20% off your typical price.  When I get an advertiser for a certain month, I ALWAYS contact them the following month to see if they would like the opportunity to represent their brand on my site again and mention that I give a steep discount for repeat business.

Even if they’re not interested in advertising with you again, simply save their information until 6 months down the road.  At that time, send them an email with your new and hopefully improved site statistics and see if they’d be willing to take another chance on your blog. If you happen to land an agreement, then ask them if they have any other clients that may be interested in advertising with you.  You don’t get it often, but every once in a while you’ll find that if you treat them just good enough they will hook you up with another client.

When it comes down to business, just like in customer service the key is to be both flexible & friendly but always remember not to undersell the value of your blog.  This also works on the other end of the spectrum as you don’t want to overcharge either.

How do you go getting paid to advertise on your website or blog?