I just don’t know how to do it…I mean seriously!  How do you top off your day after following up with one of the most amazing snorkeling experiences of your life?  Only minutes prior to walking from the wrong side of a fence labeled “DANGER: LIVE MILITARY EXPLOSIVES” and coming from a discreet 5 Star Snorkeling spot, I stepped out onto one of the most beautiful beaches in the world…Flamenco Beach.

It was almost alarming at how fast the weather had turned for the better.  When I woke up this morning, I heard raindrops hitting the tin roof of the hostel I was staying at.  

But as the day grew old, I walked out onto this turquoise beach and the sun began to peer out from behind the clouds brightening up the day.  Even the water seemed to take an improved additude as the sun created a dazzling effect against the waves, pulling your attention willingly to the crystal clear waters.  

Setting my snorkeling gear off to the side and once again feeling that warm sugar-like sand between my toes, I couldn’t help but be reminded of exactly how fortunate my life has been thus far.  To be able to grasp a first hand experience of this world class destination…and at such a young age is truly a blessing in the sky.

It’s sad since there are so many people that get into the hustle and bustle of life…you know that 9-5 mentality, that they forget about everything else that’s in the world.  When you think about it this reality…you know our “little world” (for a lack of better terms) doesn’t really matter in the midst of things.  In retrospect, nothing really matters when you think about how imperceptible we are in this magnifiscent universe of ours.

But I digress.  It’s just the beach has that simple hypnotic feel to it that gets you into the state of mind of really thinking about things.  And when you’re here…amongst close friends and enjoying yourself at such a beautiful place, it makes you really appreciate what little you may have and so much more!

As I walked up the beach and waded in the water, I felt fully rejuvenated from the welcoming sunlight and warm ocean breeze.  But along with this new breath of life came a thirst that needed to be quenched like no other so making my way up to the wooden docks, I put in an order for a fresh mango smoothie!

Altough there were several little shops in the area to purchase food, only one was open due to the wet weather.  Sizing out several different dishes including the infamous conch fritters, I decided to pass up the opportunity and just settle for the drink..

It was funny at how many stray cats were in the area as well as roosters…it seemed like everywhere you turned you just couldn’t get away from them!  It got to the point of passing ridiculous and just being plain hilarious. 

I noticed over by the wooden picnic tables some ignorant tourist gave in and started feeding a few of them.  Before you knew it, there must have been almost 20 cats clawing at her legs for more food…and I’m not exaggerating!

Some even became a bit hostile once the woman said no more and started jumping on the table fighting their way onto her plate.  Retreating to the side and allowing the cats to win the battle, I just looked at her and smiled; lesson learned.

Noticing it was getting close to the end of our day trip, I had the tennant working the stand call a taxi for my buddy and I where we took it back to the hostel.  Catching the 12 o’clock ferry back to the main island of Puerto Rico, I couldn’t help but feel a little upset about leaving the island of Culebra as my opinion of Puerto Rico had totally developed since first stepping foot here. 

It certainly gives off a different vibe than the islands in Hawaii, but as a very small and magnifiscent part of Puerto Rico, I highly recommend you pay it a visit…even if you do have to fight off the cats!  

Have you been to Puerto Rico?