So you’ve seen the beachy, laid back vibe of Kauai in

Part I of the Garden Island Photo Essay

but what about the gnarlier, breathtaking side of Kauai featuring the Na Pali Coastline, Waimea Canyon & Kalalau?  Well here it is…I present to you the rugged beauty and tear jerking scenic views of Kauai!

Some dangerous shore breaks can present potentially hazardous surfing conditions: If in doubt, Don’t go out!

Don’t think he’s rugged?  Try picking this cute little guy up!

Waimea Canyon reminded me a lot of the Grand Canyon…except this was on an island in the middle of the Pacific!

If you get the opportunity, I highly recommend you hike some of the trails through the canyon to really get a great insite to its beauty.

Wai’ale’ale is claimed as one of the wettest spots on earth…

It’s so wet, check out these wicked looking runoffs!  You don’t want to be here during a downpour.

Kalalau Lookout…wait for it….

Spectacular!  If you plan to visit the lookout, be patient while the clouds are going by to get a great shot of the ocean over 5,000 feet below!

Around 5 pm every evening you can watch the rains present some of the fullest rainbows in the world…and sometimes doubles rainbows along the Na Pali Coastline!

To date I would have to say that Kauai features the most beautiful sunsets I’ve ever seen in my life.

I hope you enjoyed this 2 Part photo essay as much as I have while putting it together!  If you have any questions about Kauai, just let me know!  

Happy Travels!


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