Majestic, stunning and just plain beautiful.  

As one of the most exotic destinations I’ve ever traveled to, the island of Kauai located out in the Pacific Ocean and as a part of the Hawaiian Islands, I must say that if this isn’t on your top places to travel to in North America…make it be!

I’ve compiled some of my favorite photos into one easy to look at photo essay for your enjoyment!  Have fun in paradise!


Just to the left of Port Nawiliwili’s entrance you can get a good idea at just how rugged yet beautiful the landscape is!

Kalapaki Beach is among the first beaches cruisers go to when arriving to Kauai .

The Kalapaki Beach Hut has some good burgers but don’t let them fool you…the Loco Moco is where it’s at!

There are many hidden waterfalls & swimming holes that mostly only locals are aware of. 

While driving down the road, this little stand grabbed my attention and I donated 25¢ for on of the most delicious mangos I’ve ever had!

The road to Poipu Beach will take you right along the coastline!  

You could easily spot 15-20 sea turtles wading in the surf break at this location!

Here is just a small portion of Poipu Beach and all her glory!

One of the many curious sea turtles I swam alongside with!  

View the video of Snorkeling in Kauai Here!

On your way to the Na Pali Coastline you can find many hiking paths like this one guiding you next to the ferocious ocean breaks!


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