Postcard Brazil Around the World Postage StampRemember back in the day when you would get uber excited to get something in the mail?  

It could have been anything from a postcard, birthday greetings, and all sorts of other fun surprises.  

I think the most exciting thing you get as an adult, other than that super cool toy you ordered off of Amazon or eBay, is the electric bill.

Who the heck wants that?  

That’s when I stumbled upon Get Postly: an interactive app that allows you to turn any exciting picture from your travels into a real, printed postcard.  You can build collages, apply filters, and even customize your card with goofy stickers.  

Send a Personalized Postcard through a Common App…

When I first came across the Get Postly app, I was a little put off by the price of sending a postcard.  However, I was quickly deterred from that once I began to see the amount of customization I could use to send out a postcard along with the ease of sending it directly from your phone.

Postcard Around the World Postage Stamp Get Postly Screenshot card cards

Extremely user-friendly, I first downloaded the application from the apple app store and began to do a little exploring around the platform.  I uploaded the first of many photos – a standing pose from my dog Kai and I as we’re pose from our most recent adventure in sandboarding in Colorado’s Great Sand Dunes National Park.

Luckily, I wasn’t limited to just the typical postcard layout, however.  There were several options where I could include more than one photo so that you received as many customization options as possible…

Postcard Around the World Postage Stamp Get Postly Screenshot card cards

And this was just to name a few layouts that were actually available.  Once uploaded and all the tints were applied, sending it out was as simple as clicking on the little plus sign at the bottom and entering the desired address.  

In this case, I sent a postcard to both of my parents back in North Central Florida as I know they always enjoying getting stuff like this in the mail.  I was even able to send a personalized note on the back that offered a handful of fonts.

All in all, I would highly recommend for you to use this app.  For a limited time, the guys who created it offered to give me a sweet deal that allows you to send your first card for free (instead of the regular price of $1.99).  

Download the app today by visiting the iOS Store here, or the Google Play Store here.  Simply type in the code “planet” (without the “”) when you open the app to send the card for FREE and you’ll be on your way!  

Have you ever sent out a postcard while traveling overseas?