Buying gifts for those closest to you isn’t as easy as it seems. Trying to make sure you don’t get things they already have, aren’t interested in, or have no meaning takes a bit of research on your part. It’s no lie, finding gift ideas for family members who enjoy traveling is not easy.

The best way to tackle this dilemma is to think of something they love and buy a present based on those passions. In this case, the passion would be traveling. As those who venture around the world love the thrill of the experience, getting them gifts that enhance their excursions is a safe bet.

1) Selfie Stick

Most travelers love to document their experiences through photos. Whether they’re taking a picture of their food, art exhibits, picturesque views, their hotel sweet, or them and their loved ones having a good time, a selfie stick can make it a lot easier to get the perfect snapshot.

2) Luggage or Backpack

My recommended backpacking checklist

If they travel often luggage or a good backpack for traveling is something that can always be appreciated. After a while, the luggage gets damaged. Having a spare set they can rely on to pack their things and go is a great present. From carry-ons to backpacks, there are plenty of options to choose from to make carrying their belongings a lot easier. Then afterward, have them take a look at my ultimate backpack checklist!

3) Bathing Suit

Belizean Adventures in San Pedro | You Better Belize It!

Does your traveler love the water? If they are known for taking cruises, sitting on the beach, swimming in the pool, or hopping in the ocean, you can’t go wrong with a bathing suit. A new pair of trunks or a one-piece bikini will get a lot of use. Of course, these will go perfectly with a once-in-a-lifetime trip to somewhere exotic like San Pedro Island, Belize!

4) Portable Wifi

How I Go Around the World as a Travel Blogger

Staying connected is important to everyone these days especially if you’re a work-aholic like me. But when you’re traveling, finding good and safe internet service may be difficult. You can give your travel lover the ability to stay connected no matter where they are. Portable hotspots make it easy for them to tap in and hop online for everything from conducting business and checking emails to posting on social media and entertainment.

5) Cigars

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This one might surprise you, but it’s great for a traveler who also likes to indulge in smoking a stogie while on vacation. From partaking in a friendly smoke at the golf course to sipping a mixed drink and smoking a cigar while watching the sunset, they’ll get a kick out of this gift. You can find cigar deals on brands from around the world for them to enjoy. But still, there’s nothing like take a trip to Cuba to smoke a cigar locally. Plus Cuban adventures are pretty amazing!

6) Dining and/or Events on Your Dime

gift ideas for traveling

Find out about your family member’s next trip. Where are they going? What things are they interested in doing once they get there. You can help them enjoy their vacation by purchasing some of these things for them. You can buy a gift certificate to a restaurant they like or pay for admission to an event, an amusement park, or museum. Not only does this save them money, but it gives them a chance to experience things their budget may not have previously allowed.

For travelers, it’s more about creating experiences than having possessions which is why the best gift you can give is one that will enhance their time away. Whether you decide on technology like a camera or selfie stick, something practical like luggage or something more unique like cigars and a new bathing suit, each of these items will make their travels all the more fun.

What are your favorite gift ideas for family members who enjoy traveling?