Living & growing up in Florida where I’m surrounded by water, it’s probably no big surprise to you that I love the beach.  Who doesn’t?  You have the water, surfing, babes, more surfing, beer…did I mention babes?

Having the rare opportunity of working on a cruise ship for a couple of contracts, I was able to experience the Hawaiian Islands and I must say that they contain some of the most beautiful, unique & pristine beaches I’ve ever seen.  Take a look at what it’s like right off the beach (I’m talking about not even one block over) in beautiful Oahu!

These beautiful flowers seem to bloom year round in Waikiki!

You can find a wide assortment of flowers blooming elegantly in the warm sun along the entire coastline in Oahu.  The Bird of Paradise, Plumeria & Coconut Palm blooms are very popular.

The Banyan (aka Ficus) Tree & all its gnarly glory!

Complimenting the flowers are these wicked looking Banyan Trees.  Their roots can be found digging into the ground and are quite frequently found actually taking over brick walls, buildings and other numerous objects.

Some of the roots from the Banyan Tree creep downwards to the ground.

Not only taking over numerous obstacles, you can also find them creeping down from the top looking for anything to grasp onto.  The thicker vines are great for climbing.  


You will find locals grilling out quite frequently on the shady boardwalk with close family & friends.

Something you don’t see too often in our society, Hawaiians are very close knit to their families and you can find them chilling along the beach sidewalks grilling out, playing their ukuleles and having a good time.

After a long day of surfing, I napped beside my board under these 3 palm trees.

And of course another thing you can find along the coast are palm trees.  If you plan a little bit ahead of time, simply take a hammock out with you and tie it up anywhere along the coast for a great time napping in Hawaii’s warmth…sounds like a good time to me!


Have you had the pleasure of visiting Oahu?  Have any beautiful coastal pictures to share?  Let me know by sharing them with me on Facebook & Twitter!  Be sure to leave me comments below…I’m getting hungry…nom nom nom nom…