While I was exploring New York City and all that it encompasses like The Markets of Chinatown, the Statue of Liberty and of course the 9/11 Memorial I happened to come across this very unique park called the High Line.

Joining up with my newfound friend Brian, we went on a photography spree just enjoying the sunny afternoon and taking pictures.  Have a look at all of the art this small section of New York has in West Manhattan.  It’s amazing how an abandoned railroad track that had been unkept for years is now an above ground park for everyone to enjoy!

High Line Park of NYC

Mural 1

Part I of a Mural on the side of the building representing Greek Descendants.

Mural 2

Part II of the Mural above is of Asian descendant.

Statue 1

Mirrored image of a statue resting on the railway.

Mural 3

Captivating Mural Showing Love & Passion.


Caught this photo of my buddy Brian while he was enjoying the sun.


The Railway after it was turned into an Eco-friendly environment.


Heavenly Body Works sign below the High Line.

Glass Metal Art

On the side of the building just above the walkway they placed mirrors with rustic metal.

Old Manhattan

West Manhattan from the High Line.

High Line Overlook

Sitting platform from above West Manhattan.

Statue of Liberty Flag

Vantage Point for the American Flag & the Statue of Liberty.

Water Container

View of the Railway with Water Tower in the Backdrop.

Statue 2

Interesting artwork on the Railway.

Railway Walkway

The Railway went through some Buildings.

Mural 4

Mural on the side of a Building.

Statue 3

Statue of a Satyr; a Greek Mythological Creature.

To read more about the history and/or take a look at the High Line’s upcoming events, be sure to visit their website: theHighLine.org. What is the most amazing public park you’ve ever been to?