Nothing short of a fascinating place, New York has a lot of things to do for all ages; you have the exhilarating shops in Chinatown, the antique High Line Park and of course Broadway.  But what is there to do when you’re on a budget and want to get away from the big city without actually leaving the city?

Visit Central Park.  There are an absolute plethora of things to do here.  Between the zoo, the miles of walkways, theater, ponds, tours and mini parks within the park you’ll never get bored.  

Take a look at today’s photo essay to enjoy the beauty and intricate landscape of it all:

Hiking New York City’s Central Park

Fresh Growth

Central Park

Ball Field



Central Park 2

Bridge Walkway

Trees in Bloom

Cryptic Trees

White Lighting

Bridge over Pond

Downtown over Pond

Divided Walkway

Love Birds

Stone Path

After spending the day walking around the park and talking with some of the locals, I eventually made my way back to the house and prepped for the following day as I had a date to make plans for my trip to California!

What is your favorite part of New York, New York?