Standing tall for over 200 years, Fort Macon is a tenacious symbol for the Crystal Coast running along the Atlantic Ocean to the East of North Carolina.

Once protecting the small coastal town of Beaufort from assaults by Spanish raids, pirates such as Blackbeard and even the Confederate Army, Fort Macon is now a State Park of North Carolina and has been so since 1924.

Today tourists are welcomed to explore the fort as well as fish, camp, spend time with the family at the beach and even take tours to learn of the history along with the flora & fauna in the surrounding area.  Join Jonathan, Dillon & I as we discover all the cool nooks and crannies of Fort Macon in today’s photo essay.

Fort Macon in North Carolina



The Canon guarding the entrance to the fort.




The View from the fort overlooking the Atlantic Ocean.


Fort Macon Entrance


Entrance to Fort Macon.


Bakery Oven


I’m stuck inside the bakers oven…


Fort Passage Hall


A walkway with many doors.


Fort Macon Courtyard


A look at the center of the courtyard.


Wooden Door


An old wooden door leading outside.


Canon in the Macon Courtyard


Antique canon…please don’t climb!


Fort Macon Eating Quarters


The eating quarters for the Army.


Fort Macon Storage Cell


The food storage cells.




Replica storage barrels.


Flag on the Fort


Even till this day, the flag waves high & proud!


Fort Macon Courtyard


Looking into the courtyard from opposite the entrance.


Fort Macon Courtyard 2


An expansive view from atop Fort Macon.


Fort Macon Ocean View


A view of where the cannons would have shot out at over 100 years ago!


Have you ever been to a fort like Fort Macon in North Carolina?