Hadrian's Wall Hiking London England UK United Kingdom FieldA country getaway in the UK seems long overdue as you sit in your office, looking out at a gray, rain-streaked sky.

You work hard, you’re reliable and punctual, but even you need a break from time to time, and a long weekend getaway in the country can be the perfect anecdote.

It’s time to start looking.

If you’re sat researching holidays in your spare time, then it’s because you’re in need of a vacation, and soon.

You might not have the budget to escape to the tropics, after all, that’s why I came up with this list of budget vacation ideas close to home.  But sometimes a few days in the countryside of England can be just as restful.  To help you organize the perfect trip, here are a few tips to get you started.

Great Ideas in the UK for a Country Getaway

Tour the Countryside

How to Have the Perfect Country Getaway in the UK

Blue skies, towering mountains, rugged moorland, and windswept beaches are a tonic for the soul, as every inspired artist or poet throughout history could tell you.

Beautiful and wild, these exquisite landscapes somehow have a knack for making all of your problems seem small beside them.  The breath seems to travel more easily down to your lungs, your mind seems to clear, and there is nothing left but the impassive grandeur of Mother Nature.  So where can you find scenery like this in the UK?

How about the Lake District, the South Downs National Park, Dorset’s Kimmeridge Bay, and Robin Hood’s Bay.   All provide the perfect restorative for tired, overworked individuals.  However, if you’re feeling a little jazzy, try taking the road trip from Lancaster to Liverpool…you’ll be in for quite the treat!

Pick a Charming Countryside Hotel

How to Have the Perfect Country Getaway in the UK

A weekend country getaway would not be complete without a charming, picturesque hotel to sleep in at the end of the day’ once you’ve successfully taken on many of the adventurous things to do in the UK.  Thankfully England is full of them.

Companies offer specially compiled lists for you if you’re in need of some inspiration, along with other sites such as Trip Advisor to give you some ideas on where to go. But if you’ve ever stayed at a countryside hotel in the UK, you’re in for a real treat as your typically staying at your own personal bed and breakfast!

Tour for British Food

How to Have the Perfect Country Getaway in the UK

At the end of a long day hiking across the Yorkshire Moors, or surfing in the sea at Devon, you’re guaranteed to have worked up an appetite, and it helps to know the best place to go to when those hunger pains start coming up.

Luckily, it’s easy enough to research the latest places to eat with the internet and, before you know it, you’ll find a list of places to eat in the local area just as if you were walking past the diverse variety of restaurants in San Francisco.  But there are also lots of good food guides available online if you would prefer to plan in advance. Rating systems are particularly handy and should help you to sort the good from the bad when you’re searching for that perfect meal.

Which of these weekend country getaway ideas would you like to take and never return from?