20141113-IMG_8829Casting nets, maneuvering their boats with an oar and dragging in the catch…all on one leg.  This expert balancing act can only be seen in a few locations around Asia.  

Inle lake, Myanmar is possibly the best.  

The ancient method of efficient fishing has thrived to this day in the area’s unique and spectacular society.

On the water, it feels like the locals are putting on a show as much as going about their daily business.  

Even though the traditional technique looks like a tourist attraction, it is actually an ingenious way of freeing both hands to cast the net while not losing control of an unstable boat.  When the net is pulled or cast, the fisherman uses his leg to counter the movement of the boat with an oar so he stays in place.

There are many unique things to see in Myanmar, but the image of the one legged fisherman will never leave me.

The one-legged Fisherman of Inle Lake, Myanmar

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As you can see, the act of one legged fishing requires immense balance and concentration, as the boat is always moving with the water. It is truly unique to witness and is just one of the few reasons to visit Inle lake

Could you fish on one leg?