Find Your Limit

Go Beyond Your Limit.

Deep down inside, I honestly think it’s human nature to want to explore.  To get out into the world and discover new things, to learn something new about the world and ultimately learn something new about yourself.

What I’ve found that most people don’t realize is that there are “different levels” of which people like to explore.  Whether it be as wild as changing your life forever and traveling around the world for a living on a budget or whether it be as simple as putting just a little more seasoning on your steak, people like to step out of their comfort zone every once in a while to experience something different.

Now it doesn’t matter what level your “limit” may be sitting at but I want to challenge you to take a step further than what you would usually take.  Effectively, pushing yourself to new limits.  

Try something new and change yourself…develop.  

Try being a little more carefree or try setting a new goal WITH a date to reach that goal by.  Try looking for a cheap flight online, booking that flight and then arranging your life so that you can have that new experience.  Even try a new food…you’d be surprised at what unusual cuisine you can find in your own back yard.  In short, go out in life, find your limit & go Beyond that limit.