Like a Flame


Burn as brightly as you can!


The quote says it well.  The brilliant flame that burns as brightly as it can, it represents someone who sticks out of the crowd.  Someone who isn’t afraid of what anyone else thinks and is a go getter in life.  Someone that is afraid to blend in with the crowd because that persons spirit doesn’t want that.

I feel like I’m one of those people.  I don’t want to “blend in” with what society thinks is normal.  


I want to be happy.  I want to be free.  I want to be ME.


Quite frankly I’m the one who has to live with myself, not that other judgmental low life who makes themselves happy by putting others down.  Because deep down inside, I know that they’re sad.  I know that they wished they had done what they wanted to do with their lives.  

This is how you should feel too…at least I would hope so.  You should feel that you want to stick out from the crowd because, like I said earlier, you are the one who has to live with yourself.  And it doesn’t matter what age you’re at, it’s never too late to change your life.  I once saw a man who was 89 years old and skiing down the mountains of Aspen.  

I asked him, how long he had been skiing and his response was 5 years.  5 Years!!  So imagine yourself, at 84 years old doing something entirely different.  Something that you’ve never done before…would you do it?  I would hope so because his wife, who stood right next to his side had learned at the same exact time and she was slightly older than he at 92.

Now get out there.  Live like a brilliant flame and don’t be afraid to stand out from the rest of the stars.

How are you going to live your life?