Loving new friends in Puerto Rico.

To me at times, the world seems to be spinning backwards.  The way of life…the way of Love goes right out the door and we get caught up in trying to have the latest in modern day technology.  Of course we all know the quest to own the biggest & best of everything eventually leads to a path of loneliness and despair.  But why do we put ourselves through this?

Why must we put those who Love us most last?  Of course, it’s all ‘unintentional’ at first but when one takes a look at the path they’ve lead, it’s quite evident that the greediness has cost them quite a bit.  While they’re working hard to get what they think they most dream of, this mission eventually turns that hard work into a commitment…an addiction.  

This false reality in turn will result in putting those who love you most last and will just get you stuck into this ‘American Dream’ that’s just not real.  

Love should be the first & foremost in your life, not money.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that you should be wary of your priorities.  Family & friends should ALWAYS come first, not the materialistic possessions that will eventually have no meaning to you.  When you’re lying on your death bed, that big screen tv & 6 digit figure in your bank account will mean nothing.  What matters will be those who surround you…those who support you no matter what.  LOVE: this is the true meaning of life…not money.


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