Respond to every call…respond to your Spirit!

Fear is a natural sense built into you.  Some choose to be afraid of it.  Some choose to ignore it.  And some choose to embrace it.  What do you do?  

Personally, I embrace and respect that fear because I’ve learned that I can turn that fear into something useful…something exciting.  Whenever I see an opportunity or moment that makes me fear something, simultaneously I get excited.  And when I get excited, my spirit gets excited.  

This excitement is then used to keep pushing me forward as I know that something greater is waiting for me on the other side.  Whether it be in a relationship, a goal, a dream or anything else I’ve learned to respond to that ‘call’ and make it work to my advantage.  But what about you?  

Have you learned to embrace that calling and make it work for you?  What do you do when you get excited, have fear or any other emotions?


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