Life is all about taking risks.  Of course, there are different levels of risks that could easily be broken down on a scale of 1-10 (of which I’m all too accustomed of passing up) but at times, you just have to take the plunge.  I’m not saying to go out there and ski off limits backcountry territory that could mean certain death if anything goes wrong.  That sort of thing takes a special breed of a person.

I’m saying that you need to be willing to at least take a jump every once in a while…to take risks that you are just a little uncomfortable with if it means it’ll lead you to bigger and better things.

Take a leap of faith and you might just be surprised!

You just never know where it’ll lead you.  Take a look at me: I hate to ‘toot my own horn’, but I’m a perfect example.  When I first started traveling I was a very timid person.  I was afraid to take big leaps.  But as time went on, I learned that these leaps gradually brought me into a better place until I’m finally at the point now where I make a full, head on running start towards everything…towards life.

The bottom line is that if you believe in yourself 100%…90%…hell even 85% and you make that jump, I guarantee you’ll come out a better person in the end.  You’ll have a new life experience that you can build upon…I know I did.