To See

Open Your Eyes & See!

This weeks inspirational photo is brought to you from Ashcroft, an old mining town in Aspen, Colorado.  The message being: to see.

As people travel around the world, they tend to focus their attention on going from point A to point B…but why?  Isn’t traveling about the journey, not the destination?  You can learn so much by simply taking a little detour on your way to wherever it is that you’re going.  It’s important to leave your mind open to trying new things & seeing things in a new way.  

I don’t just mean to keep an eye out for an opportunity to explore your surroundings (however great this can be), but keep an eye out for an opportunity to explore yourself and to learn new things about you.  To me, traveling is meant to be a journey through your life.  You travel to grow as a person, not to grow your portfolio or your photo album.  So the next time you go somewhere…or even if you don’t go somewhere, try to open your eyes in a new way and to experience something new.  

Life is about the journey, not the destination.