The island of Maui had a truly unique feel to it compared to the rest of the islands.  For the most part, I felt at ease here.  Relaxation was the name of the game and the term “Running on Hawaiian time” really sunk in with the locals.  

This was the kind of lifestyle I loved.

Oahu seemed to host more of the fast paced life (although there were exceptions) and Kauai was more for the adventurous as it had some of the more rough terrain of the Na Pali Coastline as well as Waimea Canyon.  Giving you a better visual of my love for the island of Maui, I would like to present to you some of my favorite photos from my time spent there.  Enjoy!

Maui from the Bay

A view from Kitesurfer’s Beach.

Road to Iao Valley

Black & White road up to Iao Valley.

Beach in the Trees

The trees along the beach were perfect for lounging out of the sun.

Hammock in Maui

Napping under the trees…the breeze felt great!

A Mystic Sea

The splashed look to the sea gave it a mystic touch.

Life of Tropics

The clouds hovered over the center of the island.

Crab in the Night

Small sand crabs lined the beach at night.  If you were careful, you could temporarily blind them with the light getting a good closeup!

Lahaina View of Maui

The side view of Maui from Lahaina Beach.

Well there you have it!  Some of my favorite photos from the beautiful island of Maui!

Would you like to experience the laid back lifestyle of the island?