It was a warm sunny day in Aspen (considering the previous weeks had been in the low 20’s).  You could hear the birds chirping in excitement for the coming Spring & I was just as excited as they were.  Some of the snow had melted off many of the trails so as a kickstart to the newfound weather patterns, I decided to take a walk down to the John Denver Memorial just on the outskirts of town.

To get there, you have to start hiking down this asphalt paved trail which then cuts off to a more unkept gravel pathway running parallel to a manmade creek.  This time of year, it’s still covered in snow but definitely manageable to get down (providing someone had been there before you)! 😉


The Manmade Creek covered in Snow & Ice.

As I walked down the path, a sense of calmness overcame me as I could here the melting ice flow down the river.  It was quite tranquil & made for a wonderful atmosphere.  After about 300 foot or so, you quickly come upon the Memorial just on the right side which consisted of many strategically placed stones of various sizes.

John Denver

The John Denver Memorial.

The first I noticed was the John Denver Stone itself but take a look at some of the others that were built in recognition of some of his more popular songs:

Rocky Mountain High

A Tribute to “Rocky Mountain High”.

Perhaps Love

A Tribute to “Perhaps Love”.

It was a truly beautiful memorial to cherish the memory of a wonderful man.  As a composer, musician, father, son, brother & friend, you could tell he was truly loved by many.  It was quite evident that he made a great impression on a number of lives.

Ron Krajian Bridge

The Ron Krajian Bridge built in 1986.

After spending about half an hour exploring the site, I backtracked down the trail and  made my way back towards the Ron Krajian Bridge which was built back in 1986.  It allowed for passage over the Roaring Fork Creek which led parallel to it for many miles down the valley.  Finding a trail just to the left that seemed to move towards the river itself, I found some wonderful vantage points that overlooked the water.

Roaring Fork Creek

The Roaring Fork Creek.

Losing track of time while I was skipping across the riverbed rocks, I made my way back to the trail and up towards the city of Aspen.  It was pretty cool just checking out the precariously placed art statues along the way.

Interesting Art

Interesting art along the trail.

One I found particularly interesting was of a man with his arms stretched out horizontally as if he was giving a message of unconditional love to nature where he stood.  Such a beautiful place, Aspen is.  It’s a city with a perfect combination of both glitz & granola.

Roaring Fork Creek

The Roaring Fork Creek.

Finishing up my walk and leaving the memorial behind, I couldn’t help to wonder at how such a wonderful place could still exist.  It’s easy to see why everyone that lives there seems to have a constant, smiling face & a very healthy lifestyle.  

What is your favorite small town out in the beautiful Rocky Mountains?  Have you visited any memorials that you feel will have an impact on you for years to come?


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