Top 10 Things I’ve learned About 

~ Life, Love & Happiness ~

It’s amazing what you can learn in a lifetime.  Seriously!  Life can bring on many different lessons about…well…life & how to be happy with the limited time you have here on Earth.  Coming hand in hand with these personal lessons that we put ourselves through is our natural tendency to search fruitlessly for eternal Love & Happiness.  

In my short time here on earth I’ve only begun to crack the surface of my education on life, but I thought it’d be fun to show you the Top 10 things I’ve learned so far.  So here it is: my knowledge of life…enjoy!

Look into the Ocean Waves & Take Some Time to Yourself.


1.) Perfection Doesn’t Exist…Look for Excellence Instead.

Pushing yourself is very important.  To keep moving forward and striving for the best that you can be…there’s nothing wrong with that…until you hit the top my friend.  Instead of striving for perfection, try striving for excellence instead.  

Perfection is impossible to…well…perfect.  Trust me I know!  But if you strive for excellence, then you can excel to the point until your happy and that to me, is perfection.

2.) Listen, Think & Respond.  Become a Good Listener.

Everyone loves to talk…especially me!  Why don’t you try being a little less selfish and listen to others?  

Sure there’s nothing wrong with throwing a tid bit of information in here and there, but you’ll be surprised on who can transform from a “good” friend into a “great” friend just by listening and offering helpful advice.  

Go with my motto:  

Listen to what they have to say, Think about a helpful answer, then respond with that answer.


3.) Entrepreneurship Today is Easier than Ever Before…Push Yourself!

With the ease of access to information thanks to the internet now a days, the amount of resources you can find as well as how social networking has pretty much encased our world, there are endless possibilities for you to start living your dream…or at least start building it.

Whether it be as simple as opening a coffee shop or it be building a 5 Star Resort in Sweden, when it comes down to it, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t go for your dreams…and in that case…go all out at it!  So get off you lazy bum and go do something!!  The possibilities are endless!

4.) Friends Come a Dime a Dozen.

This is something my mother always told me but I never really understood until now.  Friends truly do come a dime a dozen.  The way I see it: you have friends, good friends & great friends.  

If your friends are discouraging you and have a bad influence on you, then make a move to make new ones!  You’ll quickly find out who is who because your good & great friends will be their to push you across the finish line in completing your goals in life!  

This reminds me of a quote I read the other day:

True Friends are Always There When You Need Them.  

Fake Friends Are Only There When They Need You.

Just remember that this goes both ways.  You’ll only get as much out of a good relationship with someone as you put into it. 😉

5.) If You Don’t Like Something…Then Do Something About it.

Have you found yourself stuck in a predicament that you’re really unhappy with?  It could be as simple as leaving a 9-5 job for something more exciting or as different as trying to get from Libanon to Antarctica.

You are the only one that can make changes in YOUR life.  So do something about it.  Take that extra initiative and take control of your life.  You’re only as happy as you let yourself be! 

Be Adventurist.  Take Chances.  Make MANY Mistakes & Learn From Them!


A *Smile* is Worth a Thousand Words!


6.) Don’t be Afraid to Smile!

Believe it or not this is something I see all of the time, especially with my friends back home.  People seem to be afraid to smile now a days & they make themselves depressed.

Instead of looking at how terrible you make your life seem, try to smile every once in a while.  Be appreciative of the small things.  You’re alive.  You’re healthy.  You’ve got a family with clothes on your back, that’s all you need right? 

And then again, if you are truly depressed (and with good reason) about your life, then go back and take a look at numbers 1, 3 & 5 that I listed above!

7.) Become a Minimalist.

This is something that I’m Extremely grateful I’ve learned at a young age.  Being a true minimalist to me is the same as being free.  Minimizing your belongings will lower your responsibilities, lower your debt & give yourself more freedom.  

I literally own nothing more than 3 bags worth of stuff (which even to me is a lot more than I’d like) and when I travel around, I carry everything on my back in my backpack!  I have no debt and no responsibilities.  If I wanted to purchase a plane ticket tonight to fly all the way to the Amazon for a 3 month backpacking trip, I could!  That’s the beauty of being a minimalist. 🙂

8.) It’s Okay to Take Time to Yourself.

Time to yourself is very important.  Sure, socializing is fun and all but there’s a point in everyones life where they just need their space.  Spending time with yourself will not only allow you to clear your head, but also look back and reflect on your life as well as life choices.

Taking time to yourself will create a clearer head for you to make adequate decisions and all in all you’ll find yourself a lot happier.  Don’t be afraid to book that weekend Cruise to the Bahamas or to even go to the coffee shop, read a book and enjoy a nice cup of joe by yourself.  

Small things like this as well as going on a solo vacation every once in a while will make a big difference in who you become as a person.

If an Opportunity Arises, Go Through That Door With an Open Mind!


9.) You Will Always Remain the Student.

It’s a fact that if you haven’t accepted yet, you will soon enough.  The beautiful thing about life is that you never stop learning.  There’s always something new for you to discover…whether it be as simple as a secret from your best friend or as varied as learning a new culture and way of life, you will ALWAYS be the student!

The key is to keep an open mind & always be willing to learn something new.  I’ve seen so many people of the generations before me as well as the current generations that are too stubborn to accept that they don’t know everything.  Keeping that open mindset will change your world for the better & open limitless opportunities!

10.) Forgive Others…But Above All Forgive Yourself.

Sometimes life can throw heavy curveballs at you…we all know this.  And sometimes the largest curveballs can come from the people closest to you.  Family, friends…it doesn’t matter.  Just don’t let the bad things get to you.  So what someone hurt your feeling or broke your heart.  

Sure, things like this suck (and when I say suck…I mean TRULY suck) but you have to learn to let things go and forgive them.  And guess what?  It doesn’t end there.  Once you’ve learned to forgive others…the next big step is to learn to forgive yourself.  Let things go & you’ll find yourself to be a much happier person!


What are some things you’ve learned in your existence about Life, Love & Happiness?  Let me know in the comment section below then come visit me on Facebook & Twitter!  I look forward to hearing from you!