Walking through markets of any kind have always been fascinating to me.  You can always find a wide variety of food to cook with as well as a good mixture of unusual dishes that you couldn’t even dream of.

Join me as I walk through the different markets in Chinatown and discover what it’s like to be in China…just in downtown New York City!

Chinatown New York City

Chinatown Markets

Entrance to one of the many fish markets.

Street Food

Fish balls, Spring Rolls & a combination of chicken parts.

Fish Market 1

A look at what they offered at the fish markets.

Fish Market 2

An assortment of shrimp, lobster & other seafood.

Fish Market 3

Fish heads, crab legs & oysters…which fits your fancy!

Herb Market 2

Mushrooms & other dried herbs to cook.

Herb Market 1

Exotic Herbs to cook with.

Fruit Market

Fresh fruit sold cheaply on the side of the road.

Food Market 2

A variety of baked meats were available.

Food Market

Baked Whole Duck is Delicious.


Purchase Frogs in Bulk out of a Trash Bucket.

Have you ever been to the Chinatown market in New York City? What was your favorite thing to eat?