Have you ever had a bad day hiking through Colorado?  I haven’t.  For instance, as I hiked through the backcountry, a deep ocean-like blue filled the sky in an almost serene manner.  

The clear skies alone cleared my thoughts.

Then I heard the breeze gently blowing through the trees letting them dance in harmony wile the buzz of each hummingbird gave a zing to the environment while the mountain peaks admired their presence.  The moments we live for…the simple moments.

The twin peaks of Maroon Bells!  

Many thanks to my buddy Gerry for the great shot!

You just can’t find scenic views like this anywhere else in the world.  Sure, other countries are quite beautiful.  But just like anywhere else in the world, North America hold it’s own form of beauty and I would have to say Colorado is one of the most scenic states among the continent.

Enjoy this beautifully scenic photo of Maroon Bells & remember to get out there and explore the countryside that lingers in your own backyard!  You just never know what you may find…even yourself.


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