There is something quite delightful about cruising across the Gulf of Nicoya for an hour, sipping on a very sweet slushy mixed with ice-cream and listening to woman in her string bikini butcher karaoke in front of nearly 200 people…that of which about 95% did not speak a lick of english.  

There is something quite delightful about listening to a 230 lb white woman butcher karaoke…

The cool gulf wind blowing through my oily hair that had not been washed for nearly a week was refreshing in the unforgiving 85 degree weather.  This mi amigos…is the life.

The cars are getting anxious onboard the Tambor II to depart at the next port.

My friends Alex, Trevor & I were taking the ferry to our next destination: Montezuma.  We’ve heard a few things about the town from fellow travelers who had passed through; that it was laid back, relaxing, housed a somewhat trusting community with a cool, hippy vibe.  

That was from the travelers point of view.  From the locals eyes it was nicknamed “Montefuma” and usually the younger generation visited this part of Costa Rica…perhaps they had lots of bonfires and the smoke “encased” the place?  Who knows why this nickname had derived from this place but I was anxious to find out.

Arriving at the port across the bay…that’s one small port!

As we arrived at the small, single building that they called port, I watched from the top deck as the workers pulled a precarious amount of chains to lower the bridge while the herd of guests onboard were waiting to be led off the vessel.  

Chatting with this nice older couple for the entire length of the trip, they had allowed us to hitch a ride with them all the way to Montezuma.  How convenient!  Gathering our packs and heading toward the exit gate, we joined the herd in the surprisingly organized dash to freedom.

Boats sitting at the dock.

As we strolled through the docking areas, we passed by many rough looking locals trying to sell things like coconuts (from the trees by the beach), mangos (from the trees further inland) and water in plastic bags (which I’m sure was from the sketchy bathroom sink with fungus growing everywhere).  

As recommended, we passed by while trying a little too hard to not make eye contact.  As a rule of thumb I’ve been pretty cautious on what I purchase from street side vendors…you just never know where they get their “merchandise” from!

Hitchhiking with the boys to Montezuma.

Jumping into the car with our very enthusiastic driver, we began our VERY scary trip through the mountain.  I’ve never seen someone from Denver adapt so fast to the driving in this area!  

Just like the locals he had no problem running through stop signs and swerving in between the combination of potholes, people and other vehicles.  The very small SUV tended to struggle going uphill but as soon as we were on the downward side of it we were off!!

The beachside hammock view was pretty nice from the hostel!

After driving through a handful of small villages, passing a herd of cattle in the middle of the rugged dirt path and almost making a death wish come true for this chicken trying to cross the road, we came to a sliding halt on the side of the road in Montezuma.

The very small town was shaped like a T consisting of 2 small grocery stores, a handful of restaurants and a few street vendors with candlelit stands.

I could easily see where the locals got the nickname “Montefuma” from.  Walking up the street people were smoking a joint while waving to the cops!  How awesome is that?  The entire place had that speakeasy hippy vibe and I LOVED it!

Look at that clean pacific ocean!

After finding a hostel overlooking the beach in the middle of town, we got a room, dropped off our packs and began exploring the surrounding areas!

Pooch napping on the beach.

The pristine beaches ran the entire length of the coast with no other buildings or people in site and were similar to the brown sugar like beaches in Kauai, Hawaii.  While walking along the coconut infested shoreline, we even had the opportunity to pick out a few good ones and drink the juices next to the braking waves.  

Now that’s a perfect way to spend the afternoon!

Ocean waves breaking over the rugged rocks.

I would have to say Montezuma is one of my favorite places I have ever visited.  The laid back atmosphere, chill vibe and great diversity amongst the people is exactly what I’m looking for when traveling.  Just be careful not to get your belongings stolen from you like while climbing this giant fig tree!

Have you ever en to Costa Rica?