The Myombe Reserve was a phenomenal addition to the wildlife exhibits here at the park.  I’ve always been a big fan of endangered species as well as all other animals no matter how creepy or crawly they may seem.  But to truly help push for their preservation by informing guests of the importance of a species put Busch Gardens at the top of my list as far as Theme parks are concerned.

After walking through the reserve and quite fascinated at how well these animals were accompanied in their exhibits, I comprised this photo essay for you guys…enjoy!

Welcome to the Myombe Reserve, a preserve for Chimpanzees & Gorillas!

The tropical pathway leading to the first exhibit where the Chimpanzees were located.

The Chimpanzee habitat was quite unique, offering plenty of space and toys!

The Chimpanzee sitting next to the ledge watching the tourist walk by.

This little sheila was sitting just outside her house.

Here’s a wider glance at just how steep the ledges are…

There was definitely no lack of toys to swing around on!

At the parallel exhibit, this ape posed for his picture.

The Ape exhibit from afar.

Two apes socializing…they look like they could use a cup of tea! 🙂

These guys seemed rather content just chillin in their field.

Peeking through the bushes.

I think he may have lost his banana…

She looks like she would be very content playing a djembe!

These two kept looking back and forth at each other, as if they were trying to win each others attention.


The Silverback Gorilla was Massive!


At the end of the tour, the Silverback layed next to the exhibit window and looked over his territory.

Being the first time I’ve ever seen Apes or Chimpanzees, I thought the presentation as well as the upkeep of the animals was fantastic.  Have you ever seen such beautiful creatures in your life?  Was it in the wild or in captivity?


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