An Inside Look of the Man Beneath the Panties…

Neil Holding the Wings of a Fruit Bat.So who is Neil Skywalker?  

Is he a man of wisdom, a world traveler or perhaps just another man trying to make something out of himself?  From what I’ve gathered, his lifes work consists of traveling the world non-stop for over 3 years, visiting over forty countries and along the way…seducing women?

Yes, you read that right.  With his latest book “Around the World in 80 Girls”, he seduces several women from teenagers to MILFs and he surely isn’t afraid to talk about. 

From the dirty little tricks leading into that one night stand all the way to the point of falling in love abroad, this “Backpacking Casanova” left me highly intrigued with his lifestyle, naturally as any man would be, and I decided to have an interview with Mr. Skywalker just to get inside of his dirty mind…God help us all.

And Now…We Ask…

So in your eyes, who is Neil Skywalker?

Haha, I hate these kinds of questions. It’s hard to talk about yourself without sounding either too humble or too braggery. Unless I’m out having fun or partying I’m quite an introverted guy and like to keep to myself. I’m not the type of guy that needs to be the center of attention all the time. There are already too many people who like the sound of their own voice a little bit too much.  

It’s very possible that some people who I have met on the road would describe me as a raving lunatic with no rest in his bones and others will say “Skywalker…you mean that slob hanging on the couch all day?”, not knowing I was actually planning for world domination (or just doing some writing or resting from yet another night out) I was once jumped by a horny Norwegian girl while hanging on the couch with my laptop in a Loki hostel so it isn’t that bad to chill sometimes. I didn’t sleep much after wards though 🙂

Please explain to me…”Around the World in 80 Girls”…where’d you come up with this bright idea?

I never actually intended to do this in the first place. Sure, I had a lifelong dream to write a book one day but never had an interesting story till now. It started when I was already 8 months into my trip when I was suddenly getting quite successful with girls and was getting myself into a few crazy situations.

The idea for a book about my round the world trip had been born. In the following two years of traveling I had to make sure that I gathered enough stories to fill a book. The book turned out to be around 500 pages so I guess I succeeded in that goal.

How did you transition from the Neil Skywalker of the past to who you are today?  Was it a gradual change over time or did it just hit you one day and you became the next upcoming Hugh Hefner of the travel blogging world?

Like I said, I never intended to become a traveling player. Nevertheless I’m glad I did. My main goal was to escape my boring (love) life back home and to improve myself in any way possible. I wasn’t exactly a social guy back home and saw in traveling was the perfect way to improve on that. I would be forced to interact with many people of different cultures and battle myself through some hairy situations.

What’s the single most important piece of advice you’ve ever gotten?

Well, the best advice was to go backpacking and my sister who made quite a few trips herself. She told me to do it for many years but the voice inside told me it wasn’t for me. Travel on my own to strange countries? The thought alone terrified me.

The result was that I only had two holidays in 10 years. One vacation in Greece with an ex-girlfriend and one weekend in Paris with another one. When I finally made the decision to go I knew I had a lot of catching up to for all the lost years in my twenties.

Lowest & Highest point in your career as a male stud?

Except for having a few periods of extreme approach anxiety which I later conquered, the lowest was probably when a girl tried to stab me to death on a small Malaysian island.

Getting a beautiful Russian girlfriend was number one but picking up a girl working a five star hotel and staying there for free for a while feasting on endless buffets and her E-cup breasts was of course another highlight. I guess every continent has its own highlights.

Oddest moment when trying to pick up a chick…Did you get lucky?

It was actually after I picked up a girl and we were already naked in my dorm bed. The girl was deaf and the staff tried to tell her to leave but she didn’t understand/hear it. Did I get lucky?  No, she was kicked out of the guesthouse.

From your experience, which nationality is the most: Kinkiest? Cleanest? Dirtiest? Harriest? Uptight? Laid back?

Kinkiest was a Spanish girl I stayed a while with. There is no cleanest or dirtiest, I refuse to have sex if we both didn’t shower beforehand. Hairiest? Some girls in South East Asia could need a razor but not many. Uptight is easy, that’s Argentina hands down. Brazilians are pretty laid back I guess.

Any crazy stalking experiences?

There was a Thai girl who followed me with four others including her brother while I sneaked off with a girl who had to enter a beauty pageant in another city. She was quite obsessed with the ole Skywalker. I had to do a lot of talking to get out of that situation but stayed with the other girl nonetheless. The Thai girl kept sending me poems, pictures and stories in her mails for months afterwards whilst knowing I was a major heartbreaker.



Neil Doing What He Does Best.



For the ladies out there:  What is the hottest sexual encounter you’ve ever had…favorite position?

That’s impossible to answer. Different girls/races/nationalities mean different experiences.  If I name one then I wouldn’t do justice to the others. Some girls I stayed with for longer periods of time so the sex was both awesome and very intimate and others I just had crazy sex with (and I mean crazy!) without too many feelings involved. I don’t like to stick to one position or even five or more sometimes but nothing beats doggy-style in the end.

Not to bring them into this…but what do your parents think of this…do they even know?

They know and they’re quite proud I wrote a book in a strange language but obviously as they are very decent people they don’t like the subject. I told them never to read the book. I would also feel very bad if some of the girls I stayed with found out. We shared some emotional times.

Excluding girls, if you could relive one travel experience or visit a country one more time where would it be and why?

Oh man, I can’t choose. I’ve been to over 40 countries. The ones I really liked were Russia, Vietnam, Philippines, Indonesia, Argentina and Brazil. If I had to choose one it would be Argentina even though the girls are hard to pick up there.

I really like the Latin American culture and it’s music.  The best travel experience must be either taking trains into unknown parts of Russia when I wasn’t too bothered with picking up girls yet but did anyway or the time that I traveled with an English guy in Indonesia.



Neil Visiting Machu Picchu.



It seems from the title of your book that it is more focused towards men.  Would women find this book useful as well and if so, what would they get out of it?

Yes, it’s a book for guys and the 50 bonus pages on how to pick up girls in different countries wouldn’t interest girls too much but I’m sure some more open minded girls wouldn’t mind reading  the book either for all the drama that’s in there or the travel stories. I would like to hear a girl’s opinion on it. I have some groupies but most of them live too far away.

What’s your next move now that you’ve successfully traveled for 3 years on the road and hooked up with dozens of women…something most men only dream about?

Even though time is against me, I need to start thinking about kids. Family and friends are trying to get me to build a future in Holland. I would still love to travel a few more years on a slightly bigger budget. If someone would sponsor me I would be on an airplane tonight.

I have another project on my mind but that’s where it’s going to be for now. On my mind. If it’s works out I will announce it someday.

If there was one last thing that you could tell the world, what would it be?

Start traveling now, the world is feminizing in a rapid rate and it’s going to be harder and harder to find a place where the grass is greener and not destroyed by Western minded thinking (and eating habits).

If not for girls, start traveling anyway, you will not regret the life changing experiences.

If you would like to find out more about Neil Skywalker, visit his blog Around the World in 80 Girls.