packing outdoor adventureThe great outdoors offers an endless amount of opportunities for fun and adventure. All one has to do is go out and start exploring.

Well, perhaps not all; it pays to be prepared when venturing into the wilderness. For all-day or multi-day expeditions, this boils down to packing the right stuff for the journey.

So whether you’re taking an exotic adventure to Puerto Rico or traveling to another adventure travel destination, here is a brief breakdown of the important things to pack for your next outdoor adventure.

Packing for your outdoor adventure

1) Travel gadgets and electronics

When roughing it out in the wilderness your time outdoors can be made much more enjoyable thanks to the hundreds of clever gadgets. Some examples can be survival-related like a water filter to turn stream and lake water into clean drinking water or maybe freeze dried food that can be turned into an entire days worth of calories with just some hot water.

Additionally, camping can be made much more luxurious with small devices like a headlamp, a folding chair, and table, or even a flask. Personally, my favorite business travel gadgets that I tend to carry with me on business trips include my solar powered battery pack, cellphone with accompanying lenses, and my travel hammock.

2) Proper outdoor apparel

Deciding which clothes and footwear to bring on your outdoor adventure will be contingent on the weather, terrain and region you’re traveling in. For instance, the type of gear you would wear through a tropical destination in Central America would be entirely different from what you would wear to many of the destinations in Eastern Europe.

Suitable activewear and water-resistant boots are probably a universal standard across all climates and topographies, but whether ponchos, sandals, and other items should be packed will depend on where you’re going. Consult with someone experienced in exploring that environment for tips on what sorts of apparel ought to be brought along.

Of course, I always recommend bringing a hammock no matter what region you travel to!

2) Backpacking and camping essentials

Packing for Your Next Outdoor Adventure

If you’re planning to spend a lot of your time traveling the countryside and exploring the outdoors, you’ll want to ensure you’ll always have the ability to put together a campsite with the right packing essentials for a national park, or someplace less official.

But when it comes to camping you’re always safe going with the staples and expanding from there. My backpack and camping staples always include my:

The size of these items as they are when rolled up and packed away is important to know before heading out, as you’ll be lugging them around wherever you go. If you’d like some recommendations, take a look at my packing essentials for a national park guide!

3) Emergency supplies

A lot can go wrong when you’re dozens of miles from the nearest road and even further from the nearest town. Take a look at my adventure road trip to Tibet. When you’re taking the back roads in route to Mount Everest, you travel a lot of roads where you rarely see another person. Just as we reached one of the mountain passes we got a flat tire. Luckily, our tour guide and driver had a spare replacement.

But in any scenario, it’s always best to be prepared by bringing a first aid kit, GPS-enabled smartphone, and other items which could prove lifesaving in a pinch. To get some ideas, take a look at my minimal backpacking checklist.

4) Mindful rations

outdoor adventure snacks food

Most amateur wilderness explorers don’t spend enough time on properly choosing the foods they pack for their trip. It’s not unusual to see someone with nothing more than a box of granola bars and a bag of beef jerky. While these foods are better than others in terms of their ability to provide high jolts of energy when you need it most, it would be wise to try and pack camping rations which represent a wider range of nutrition.

Trail mix rich in dried fruits and low-fat nuts, as well as freeze-dried veggies are examples of the additional food items you could bring to make your food supply more nutritionally balanced and optimized for high intensity. Do you like taking the all-natural, all organic route? Then slice up some fruit like mangos, strawberries, and pineapples for a delicious treat. Alternatively, if you’re limited on resources due to the region you’re traveling in, check out the local markets for a selection of fresh treats.

Who needs tourist attractions and theme parks when we have the great outdoors giving us so much opportunity for fun and adventure? While unforgiving at times, exploring the wilderness can give you an unbelievable experience that can’t be recreated through any other activity. Just remember to pack smart to make the most of your outdoor adventure, and to ensure the experience is unforgettable for all the right reasons!