Waterfall in the Pocono Mountains | Winter HolidaysGrowing up as a child, I’ve always enjoyed visiting the Pocono Mountains in Pennsylvania.

Taking an adventure to explore what it was like to visit these mountains in the middle of my winter holiday, I decided to do a little trekking into the backcountry where the waterfalls here see very little action this time of year.

Putting on an extra layer of fleece to stay warm (and dry), I loaded up the camera into my backpack and began the tiring hike down the trail where I arrived through knee deep snow to some of the most beautiful backcountry I’ve ever seen in my entire life.  Watch the video I created below to see what it’s like to witness icicle’s forming down the front of a waterfall, sometime spanning a few stories high!

Pocono Mountains | Icicle Waterfalls

After a long day of filming, I continued my road trip across the United States where I eventually ended up passing through the Hershey Chocolate Factory, through the streets of Savannah, Georgia, and all the way down to the Ocala National Forest in Florida.

What do you enjoy doing on your winter holidays?