I tell you what, Busch Gardens is one hell of a place!  What other theme park can you visit and get a pretty sweet mixture of history, roller coasters, botany, wildlife & thrills?  The period of time while I was in Florida visiting family, we all decide to take 3 days & get our fill out of this spectacular theme park.  

As a big Egyptian fan, I was truly allured by the “Pharaoh’s Treasure” self guided tour.  Take a look at some of the cool models from the recreation of King Tutankamun’s Tomb when it was first discovered back in 1922 in todays photo essay!

Welcome to Pharaoh’s Treasure!

The entrance to was decorated with model clay pots & other cool artifacts that were used back in 1922.

The sign providing instructions on what to do!

King Tutankamun’s Tomb from the side.

Taking a look at King Tutankamun’s recreation from the top of the tomb.

Here’s a side glance along with some pretty realistic views of the Pharaoh.

I’m guessing these are some of the treasures that were found with the Pharaoh.

I didn’t know they gave piggyback rides back in the day of the Egyptians!

Drawing that was portrayed on the wall.

Here is a painting of some of the Pharaoh’s servants.

Another pretty cool recreation of the of a painting found in the original tomb.

One last glance at King Tutankamun’s treasure…I wonder what it would be like to be a Pharaoh…


Once you exit Tut’s Tomb, you are immediately greeted with yet another roller coaster! 

Looks like at the end of the tour I found my own treasure! 😉

Well there you have it, some of the photos from the recreation of King Tutankamun’s Tomb along with some pretty impressive egyptians! Happy Travels!


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