Travel to Antarctica and See an Iceberg Located in the southern hemisphere and home to the South Pole, traveling to Antarctica will lead you into a large frozen piece of landmass that is virtually uninhabitable.  

It’s no wonder why it’s so difficult to get any good images!  

With a vast expanse of daylight hours, there is a limited window for adventurers and tourist alike to explore the vast region.

Although there is life in the South Pole it is very scarce and, if you are lucky, you could spot a penguin, blue whale, fur seals, orca, or even a colossal squid.  

Only a select few people have ever visited the South Pole and Antarctica, mostly traveling by cruise ship from Ushuaia in Argentina. Don’t worry, it’s quite the opposite of the weekend booze cruise to the Bahamas.  

However, every year scientist travel to the Antarctic to conduct various test related to the southern ice cap as well as the local wildlife. It truly is a great way to research and find out how global warming is affecting Antarctica as well as the rest of the world. But, without further ado, enjoy these 10 images I put together of the icebergs, landscapes, and wildlife of such a serene and little known land – Antarctica is frozen in time!

Travel in Antarctica | Frozen in Time

Wildlife while traveling to Antarctica

Antarctica Frozen in Time

Penguins gathered on the Antarctic peninsula

Icebergs floating in the ocean off the coast of Antarctica

Penguins raise their young in Antarctica

Iceberg collapsing in Antarctica seen from a cruise ship

More penguins gathered on a sunny day in Antarctica

Frozen in Time - Sunsets in the South Pole

There are a variety of penguins who travel to Antarctica.

Sunsets in Antarctica are glorious!

Bonus Images of Antarctica Travel…

Iceberg floating next to a cruise ship in Antarctica.

Travel to the Antarctic - frozen in time.

There you have it – the 10 best images you can see while traveling through Antarctica along with 2 bonus images!  If given the chance, would you take an adventure around the world and travel to Antarctica?