Surfing in a Hurricane New Smyrna Beach FloridaWhen I heard that Hurricane Irene was coming towards the Atlantic coast of Florida, I quickly changed my mind from hiking the Florida Trails to getting ready for a surf break. After all, who doesn’t like a little adrenaline rush from surfing hurricane Irene?

These past few months have been extremely flat on the ocean but every Florida surfer knows that when a hurricane hits Florida, that means major swell for all to enjoy!

But where was the best place to go?

Heading somewhere along the Gulf Coast like Clearwater Beach or the Paradise Coast wouldn’t work because the sweet is never large enough there, and the last time I went to explore St. Augustine or Daytona Beach, it was way too crowded.  So I guess that settles it, it was time to go surf hurricane Irene in New Smyrna Beach.

Waxing up the surfboard and making my way to the Inlet at New Smyrna Beach, my buddy and I was ready to face Hurricane Irene straight on and see the awesome power she had in store for us during this excellent day-long adventure!

Surfing Hurricane Irene

Have you ever been surfing during a hurricane?