Puerto Rico…oh Puerto Rico.  What is there to say about such a undisclosed location out in the middle of the caribbean ocean?  From what I’ve understood from everyone back home is that it’s an “extremely dangerous” place and that I shouldn’t visit this outlining territory of the United States because the gangs and drug cartel are running rampid while the locals are ripping off tourists.

In other words, if I had decided to ignore everyone (as I usually do because I just don’t blatantly give a damn about what anyone thinks since they’re usually wrong), I should stay within the city limits and within the most popular tourist locations possible to reduce the risk of something terrible happening…well guess what?  My “No Give a Damn” attitude yet again proved to the typical American society that the people of this country really aren’t as bad as you think.

Everything I’ve heard about the country regarding the so called loud and obnoxious people, the gangs…even the food was wrong.  The culture is rich as ever and according to my experience…well I highly encourage you to go there.  Now don’t get me wrong, any fool can be mistaken and get kidnapped or robbed but if you go in using your common sense, the odds greatly increase in your favor.

I mean hell, just a day prior to me flying out to San Juan I had my iPhone, camera, wallet and other belongings stolen from me…adding up to about a $700 dollar loss but who’s fault was that…mine for leaving my things unattended or the thief for taking advantage of an easy opportunity to make money?  It plays a roll on both parts people but you’ve got to realize your idiocracy and own up to it as I had to mine.

But I digress, Puerto Rico is an amazing place but as my good friend Madeline had said: 

“You’ve got to visit the place as a traveller…not a tourist.”

And I highly agree.  Visiting as a traveller will leave you with an open mindset to experience the Puerto Rican culture & cuisine.  I’ve tried some of the best foods I’ve ever stuck in my mouth in this beautiful latin american country.  My favorite being a road side walking mall where they were selling blood sausage…yes it sounds very odd but I can tell you that it was Amazingly delicious and full of flavor.

Anyways, if there was one thing I could tell you to do it’s this: Go to Puerto Rico.

Stepping off the beaten path is a little difficult here, I’ll give you that.  Even Andrew Zimmern of Bizarre Foods had a difficult time finding authentic Puerto Rican cuisine and ended up settling for some typical hot dog covered in a slimy substance that turned out to be just a shit ton of toppings thrown on top of sausage.  As for me, well my friend & I found blood sausage which turned out to be bizarre yet delicious amongst many other wonderful foods.

As far as sights to behold, you have one of the top 10 beaches in the world just a 45 minute ferry ride away from Fajardo in Isla Culebra.  El Yunque National Reserve has some of the best views from the top of the entire island and the girls….well lets just say they are chica bonita!

But if there was one thing that stuck to me the most on top of the wonderful sights, food  & culture…it would be the people.  Puerto Ricans are some of the most simple and exquisite people I’ve ever met.

They are extremely friendly, helpful and other than your once in a blue moon dirty look you get from butchering their local language (hey you’ve got to have at least one bad apple in the bunch and it is really your fault for not taking the time to learn a few phrases from their local language) you really need to just tally up the few pennies you’ve got to experience the place yourself.

In other words, I highly recommend putting such a beautiful island nation on your list of things to do before you die.  But have you had the same experience as I?  What would be your recommendations on what to see and do while visiting?  Let us know by leaving your comments below!  Happy Travels.


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