It’s so damn aggravating…all the annoying bastards and/or things that just try to get under your skin and push you to the limit.  What am I talking about?  Those little “pet peeves” that come around and make your life just a little more of a hassle than what it should be while running your travel blog.

So what of it?  What are the most annoying pet peeves that just aggravate the hell out of me…sending me off the ends of the earth ranting and raving?  Well it’s about time that we all found out:

#1. No Internet Vs. Slow Internet

You are taking forever to load!!!  AHHHHHH!!!!!

The good ole battle of a reliable, no-nonsense Wi-Fi connection.  I must say that even in todays society that I still have problems with this on a regular occasion.  You just got done exploring the town you’re in, find a coffee shop, sit down to write that exciting experience you just had and just after you connect to the internet it takes 5-10 minutes to load a page.

5 or 10 minutes might not be much, but when you’re trying to write an article, upload a photo or video and are constantly saving your data…this can be a royal pain in the ass because what should only take 30 minutes to write an article turns into a 2-3 hour project.  

My piece of advice:

If you’re going to host Wi-Fi to your customers as well as pay for advertising, don’t you think you should get off your tight bum and get a halfway decent modem?  It’s called Amazon jackass…use it.

#2. Talk the Talk & Walk the Walk

If you are tired of your everyday life and want to do something different…then do it!  Quit complaining about ‘how nice’ it would be to travel for a living…you’re going nowhere unless you take that wasted energy and put it into action.

If you are serious, just like I and many other full time travelers were in the beginning, then you will make some serious life changes and follow your dreams.  I mean seriously…you have a virtually never ending supply of people right before you who can help guide you through the process…it’s not THAT difficult as long as you’re dedicated.

My piece of advice:

It’s not rocket science, just creativity.  There are literally a million different ways for someone to live a life of travel; it just takes some time, patience & creativity.  If you have any questions or would like a ‘guide’, I wrote an entire ebook on how to start traveling just for your convenience!

#3. Dead Guest Writers

Don’t offer to write for me then fall of the face of the earth!

One of my favorites and particularly one of the biggest wastes of time I have; guest writers.  Every day I have at least 5-10 emails in my box of people offering to write an article on Active Planet Travels.  Don’t get me wrong, now…guest contributors are great!  I absolutely love them!

But what I don’t love?  Is when they go through the trouble of inquiring on my site, I send them a detailed email on the next steps to take while they just fall off the face of the earth!

My piece of advice:

If you’re going to waste someones time, don’t waste mine.  Go out and write in a forum or something.

#4. Spammy & Over-advertised Websites

I must say that I see websites (big & small) make this mistake on a daily basis.  If you’re going to monetize your website, then do it with class.  I don’t want to see Google Adsense on every bloody page, bar, banner and popping up all over the damn place.  Afraid you’re not going to make enough money from your traffic?  

Well I’ve got a reality check for you sweetheart…if you have good enough content and you’re doing what you do with passion, then the money will follow.  Not happening for you?  Then get the f&%$ over yourself and move on to the next big thing.  

My piece of advice:

If you work diligently, with passion on your blog, then over time you will receive a number of advertising/sponsorship offers to keep you going.  Take your time, don’t push the envelope and build a solid combination of fans as well as sponsors that are RELATED to your niche.

#5. Short, Unrelated & Obviously Retarded Comments

Comments like this I do not take seriously and go straight in the trash!

The other day I logged into my dashboard to find over 95 comments (no joke) and 92 of them were broken english, talking about something totally unrelated to the article or were just gibberish; aka spam.  The remaining 3 were actual people leaving spam comments, too.  If you are going to make an effort to put your name out there, do it with pizzazz.  

For instance, don’t leave me a comment like this:

“Hello!  Nice article!  Follow my blog at

If you think for one second that I’m going to leave your dirty little comment cluttering up the small corners of my blog then you’ve got something coming to you.  To us bloggers, that’s trash…white trash…and quite frankly I don’t deal with white trash. 

My piece of advice:  

If you’re going to leave a comment, do so in an informational way.  People read for information and the last thing they want is spam.  

Next time, give information in your thoughts so that people leave knowing that you know your niche…then you just might have a chance at getting a new loyal and active fan.