After taking in our time riding the tram to the peak of the St. Louis Gateway Arch and swinging like monkeys through the craziness of The City Museum in St. Louis, David & I continued our journey West towards Colorado.

But before the night cast a dark blanket across the many farm fields, we stopped by the Flat Branch Pub & Brewery so I could get a thick juicy burger as well as sample the local wheat beer.

After that, it was off into the farmland to capture the beauty of the land.  Enjoy today’s short photo essay and the 8 different angles I used to represent wheat in the countryside of Missouri!

Images of the Missouri Countryside

Wheat Beer Missouri

Cumberland County Covered BridgeWheat Fields MissouriWheat Fields MissouriWheat Fields MissouriWheat Fields Missouri SunsetWheat Fields Missouri SunsetWheat Fields Missouri Sunset

Once the sun was set we were off to Aspen, Colorado just in time for Food & Wine Festival where we met up with a good ole’ friend of mine from seasons past and got a good hike in up Independence Pass!

Have you ever seen the countryside of Missouri?