Our little blue Ford Focus seemed to struggle as it tackled the steep, icy roads leading up to Ruedi Reservoir but we both knew it could handle it.  We’ve driven this baby all the way over Independence Pass on multiple occasions with similar road conditions and it handled it like a champ!

Ruedi Reservoir

Ruedi Reservoir slightly frozen over on a blue bird day.

As we rounded corner after corner, the views seemed to get more and more scenic until we finally reached our destination.  The Reservoir, stretching a wild 1,042 feet held hundreds of gallons of water to be released slowly into the river.  The thing was that this time of year, the entire surface layer was frozen!

Ruedi Road

Road running alongside Ruedi Reservoir.

Pulling the car off to the side of the road, we quickly killed the engine and got out to take in the view.  The stillness in the air was almost intense.  There were no cars to be heard…no planes…no people…nothing.  All just pure tranquility and the sound of snow crunching under your feet.

Ruedi Reservoir 2

Frozen ice covered the entire vicinity of the Reservoir.

While Chris and I took in the view, we could hear the distinct sound of ice rubbing against ice as it inched its way towards the dam.  It was quite an unfamiliar sound, as if it was singing while colliding into each other creating this beautiful orchestra of pure bliss.

Ahhh…The simple things in life. 🙂

Enjoying the tranquility of Ruedi Reservoir, the sun began to recede pretty fast behind the mountains so we decided it was time to make our way back to Aspen.

Rock Face

One of the many snow covered rock faces…Aren’t the colors amazing!

The actual drive to and from the reservoir was fascinating itself.  Running parallel to the creek, we seemed to move with the water which created an even more relaxing atmosphere.  Little words came out of our mouths during the drive simply due to the entrancing stillness in the air…and of course we didn’t mind.


Very interesting cliff face on the way back to Aspen.

Very few people in this world seem to appreciate times of peace and quiet.  We must all constantly be surrounded by our cell phones and other gadgets to keep our minds pre-occupied.  And I’m not going to lie, I’m just as guilty as anyone else but at least I own up to it. 

There’s just something about the solitude of nature that really brings out the best in people…to become one with oneself is something I would hope everyone can do on a regular basis.

Shaded Rocks

Snow covered rocks sleeping in the shadows of the day.

Once we reached the end of our drive and arrived to Highway 82, Chris and I went on to our regular happy chit-chat mood.  Ruedi Reservoir was a nice little getaway to the hustle and bustle of life…a recommendation for anyone in the High Rockies!


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