Scouting the trail ahead for hillbillies, banjos & bears…oh my…

Did you know that the state of Florida has a National Trail?  Believe it or not, the Florida National Scenic Trail (FNST) spans for nearly 1,800 miles and can take anywhere from 8-12 weeks to complete.  

Having the special privilege of hiking the Ocala National Forest portion, I took one week off with two of my close friends to enjoy what is considered as

“the most beautiful and scenic portion of the entire trail.”

And boy was it beautiful out there!  In this picture you can see one of my friends scouting the trail ahead for wildlife, downed trees, lakes…and well just about anything else you can find in the woods!

Besides hillbillies with banjos…we run from hillbillies with banjos…

Enjoy this beautiful photo as an excerpt from a photo essay coming your way soon!


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