Manuel Antonio National Park is one of the top tourist attractions in Costa Rica, and for good reason. If you’re looking for the best spot in Costa Rica to see wildlife like sloths, monkeys, toucans, and iguanas, Manuel Antonio National Park is the place for you. Here are the six best tips for visiting Manuel Antonio National Park.

Six Best Tips For Visiting Manuel Antonio National Park

Six Best Tips for Visiting Manuel Antonio National Park

01. Stay at a Nearby Hotel

There are several nearby hotels to choose from that will save you and your family time when traveling to and from the park. The nearby hotels are known for their beautiful surrounding scenery and spacious accommodations.

An additional bonus of staying nearby is you don’t need to worry about driving your car or parking when going to the parks in the morning. Most nearby hotels supply shuttles to and from the park.

02. Come Early

Manuel Antonio Park Costa Rica

Manuel Antonio National Park limits the number of guests it allows in the parks. Often lines have already formed by the time the parks open at 7am, so it’s important to get there early to ensure entry.

There are other benefits of being in the park early, too. Most animals are more active in the morning so you’ll be able to see them up and about when you get there. You’ll also get a head start on walking the trails before the sun heats things up too much.

03. Be Sure to Bring Cash

You need to buy tickets in order to enter into Manuel Antonio National Park, and tickets can only be bought in cash.

It would be a huge bummer to make the trip all the way to the National Park and leave empty handed. Be sure to carry enough cash with you in the mornings to buy tickets for yourself and those you’re traveling with. 

04. Take Advantage of the Available Guides

If you’ve never experienced Manuel Antonio before, take advantage of the tours offered by the locals. These experts will be able to give you an insider’s view into the park and point out birds, snakes, and animals that are not visible to the untrained eye.

These tours are affordable and so abundant you don’t need to book in advance. As an added bonus, most of these guides carry binoculars so you can get an even closer view at the faraway birds (or even the sloths!) hanging out high up in the trees.

05. Wear the Right Clothes

Six Best Tips For Visiting Manuel Antonio Park

Nothing is worse than walking around in the heat all day wearing uncomfortable shoes or the wrong shorts. In order to avoid this miserable situation, pack breathable layers that will wick moisture away in the hot temperatures. No matter what time of year you’re visiting Costa Rica, it’s probably going to be hot when you’re there. 

To avoid suffering in the wrong shoes, wear hiking shoes or sandals s that you can stay both comfortable and safe while walking the trails. Avoid the temptation of wearing shoes that are cute but impractical and invest in shoes that can last your whole trip through the park and beyond.

06. Bring a Refillable Water Bottle

It’s hot enough in Costa Rica that becoming dehydrated during your time outside is a very real threat. Carry a refillable water bottle with you so that you always have water on hand.

Many vendors in the park will refill these bottles for free, and there are plenty of water fountains along the trails for you to fill up at. Opt for an insulated water bottle so your drink can stay cold all day.

Final Thoughts on the Six Best Tips For Visiting Manuel Antonio National Park

There are a million reasons to visit Manual Antonio National Park in Costa Rica, so follow these tips to ensure you have the best trip possible. Thank you for checking out the six best tips for visiting Manuel Antonio National Park.