Manzanillo Beach

Traveling is all about exploring, discovering & living.

This is something I (and I’m sure you) have grown accustomed to while on the road.  But one of the best things that I like to discover amongst all things is food!  

Whether it be the Cow Stomach Stew I ate in Puerto Rico or the delicious Loco Moco I scarfed down in Hawaii, the variety of food seems to always be the most pleasant surprises I can find.  Well, while I was in Costa Rica, this didn’t change a bit…

After spending nearly 4 hours exploring the rainforest of Manzanillo hiking over rotten bridges, avoiding venomous snakes & dodging killer wasps, my buddy Trevor and I made it out (in one piece!) to the beautiful and tranquil beaches Costa Rica is so famous for.  

Obviously famished, we said our goodbyes to Omar (the tour guide we hired for the day) and began the small trek back to town where we anxiously looked for a bite to eat.  Always a big fan of small establishments, we wandered into a small shop where I happily ordered a whole Red Snapper…and boy was it delicious!  

Whole Snapper

Whole Snapper with a side of Rice, Vegetables & Salad I ate in Manzanillo.

From my experience, Costa Rica has some of the best seafood I’ve ever tried!  The snapper, full of mouth watering flavor was a delight to eat.  I had never tried an entire fish before, only the fillets so it was a bit weird at first watching him glare at you from the dinner plate…but don’t worry, it didn’t take long for me to adapt.  

After eating the fillets themselves, I carefully pulled out the meat surrounding the skull and cheeks which homed an even more intense flavor than the rest of the fish!  Hell, I even gathered the courage to try out one of the eyes!  Odd right?  

Although this odd piece of the fish didn’t quite catch my fancy, I had no problem eating the rest of the plate.  The rice and vegetables complemented the main course perfectly and with a cool beer to wash it down…this was by far one of the best meals I had while visiting this beautiful and magnificent country!  

What’s the oddest food you’ve ever tried?