Downtown Savannah, Georgia is a sight in itself to behold.  The combination of friendly folks, wonderfully scenic landscaping and towering architectural wonders offer a splendidly pleasing view for the eye. Join the guys and I as we walk around town, taking full advantage of the no open container law and exploring what there is to offer in today’s photo essay!

Pictures of Savannah Georgia

Apartment Houses

City Square

Orb in Square

Building 1

Vines on Wall

Wooden Door

Red Brick Road

British Style Pub

Lion at the Square

City of Savannah


Old Patio

Driveway Entrance

Median in Road

Gordon Square

Another Church

Clock Tower

Cathedral Under Renovations

Rooftop View of Savannah

In the Mist

Me Enjoying the Wind

Dillon Taking Pictures

Rooftop View of Savannah 2

Capturing the center soul of Savannah through a lens is no easy task but after a couple of beers, we made our way back to our hosts’ house to prepare for the next day on the road trip.  Needless to say, this small town holds many wonderful sites, breathtaking streets, and happy locals.

Have you ever explored or have wanted to explore downtown, Savannah, Georgia?  Why or why not?