Yesterday I went to bed super early…and super tired.  Know why?  Because my buddy Trevor & I summited one of the toughest peaks in Aspen; the Highlands Bowl!  

Take a look at todays photo essay at some of the most beautiful views you can get in the area as well as some of the best POW POW there is to be shredded on the mountain!  This is no joke…I’m talking waste deep stuff.  Enjoy!

Peak to the Right

The view about midway up and off to the right towards Maroon Bells.

Cloud 9

To the right was out of bounds, to the left Cloud 9!

Within Reach!

The last peak before reaching the summit.

The last couple of hundred yards seemed to fly on by.  It’s amazing at how great your body feels after putting so much tension on it!  Between the cool fresh air, the easing mist of the clouds and the sunshine I was feeling fantastic!

Cloud Covered Snow

This is the hole I fell through while taking pictures…always pay attention kids!

Trevor Hiking

Trevor (local) making his way up the mountain!

Nearly There!

Posing at the last ridge before making the final summit.

Elevation 12,392 feet

Welcome to the peak…a staggering 12,392 feet!

Trevor Photobombing

Trevor photobombing…again!

Peak View

The view to the left of the peak.

Trevor Sending a Text

Even at the top of the mountain we somehow manage to send out a tweet or text!

At the top of the World!

We made it…now it’s time to shred some Pow Pow!

Once we finally made it to the top, we posed for a few more photos, put the camera away and began to shred our way down the mountain.  I must say that this day was one of the best days I’ve had on the mountain this season!


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