Skiing the Trail Map in Snowmass Mountain

Exploring the Aspen Snowmass Mountain is a load of fun, especially when you go skiing down the routes just off the trail map.

The powder flew into the air as I did a gnarly little toe turn on my 151 Burton Snowboard.  

Charging down the Black Diamond slope, the snow felt good as it sprayed onto my face, giving me a bit of a chill that was more than welcome on this warm winter morning.  

My skirt gave way, letting snow hit my chest, which felt exhilarating since I overdressed for today’s run and felt a bit warm. It’s only my fifth time on a board, but I have ample experience in extreme sports.

Exploring the Aspen Snowmass Mountain Ski Resort

That and a combination of some experience surfing while I was out touring the islands of Hawaii gave me a bit of an edge over most new snowboarders. But again, I was still what the locals call a newb.

Skiing the Trail Map in Snowmass Mountain

After a long and completely satisfying run to the bottom of Sam’s Knob, I jumped on the gondola and made my way to the peak of the mountain. It was a perfect day to be out on the slopes.  It was warm, but not too warm.  

Although a bit choppy, I was still enjoying myself. Snowboarding became a strong contender against my surfing passion, but the true comparison would only happen when more snow arrived.

Skiing the Trail Map in Snowmass Mountain

As I got to Snowmass Peak, I unstrapped and walked around, taking in the view. Strapping back onto my board, I then traversed over to another gondola that took you to an even higher elevation.  

It looked extremely beautiful, and I figured if I was at 11,000 feet, why not go ahead and make it up to 12,000? After all, that was the highest I could get, and it would offer some amazing footage on my camera. The view was completely amazing and almost brought a tear to my eye. The only thing that would rival it was the view from the air if I was paragliding from the mountaintop.

Skiing the Trail Map in Snowmass Mountain

Unexpected Gourmet Delight at 12,000 Feet

When I finally submitted to the peak of Snowmass Mountain, I noticed a small building off to the left of the mountain. To my surprise, it was actually a small pizza joint. Who knew you could get gourmet pizza at 12,000 feet? Feeling a bit parched and hungry after a long day of boarding, I decided to step inside and get a bite to eat.

Pizza Skiing the Trail Map in Aspen Snowmass Mountain

To my surprise, it was actually quite delicious! Although a bit pricey (What do you expect? You’re sitting at 12,000 feet above Aspen — everything has to be brought in by Snowcat, including the water.), it was very good. 

You received large chunks of toppings that tasted fresh at one of the best restaurants on Snowmass Mountain! With a combination of the food and a killer staff, it was a nice little setup that rivaled no other!

Skiing the Trail Map in Aspen Snowmass Mountain Ron Snowboarding

After scarfing down my food, I stepped outside to look at the world-class view of the breathtaking Rocky Mountain view here in Aspen. You could literally see for miles, and I couldn’t help but remind myself of the hang gliding classes they offered in town. From what I heard, you literally just ski off the top of the mountain, something like that seems to be right down my alley!  

Capturing Moments — Skiing Encounters and Mountain Serenity

I took a few more Snowmass Mountain ski photos and ran into an old man who was waiting for his wife to get off the phone. Chatting nonchalantly with him about his wife and having a few laughs, he agreed to take a picture of me here at the peak. 

Trust me, these pictures don’t capture the true beauty and tranquility up here. You have to experience it firsthand!

Skiing the Trail Map in Aspen Snowmass Mountain

After a while, I said my farewells to the old man, waved at the wife, strapped on my board, and began to traverse down the mountainside until I got to the edge where there was a big area roped off, signaling “Caution” for Snowmass Mountain skiing. Taking out my camera once more, I began to get immersed in my surroundings.

Skiing the Trail Map in Aspen Snowmass Mountain

Just as I was finishing up and started to put my camera away, I heard the familiar sound of a skier heading down the mountainside on this quiet blue run. I quickly took a few snapshots of him as he flew by and couldn’t help but think to myself that I wanted to go that fast one day!  

Finishing up with the camera, I put it away and started snowboarding smoothly down the mountain, practicing my heel and toe turns.  

As I got a little more comfortable, I began to pick up speed until I noticed a few open trails off to my left on the Aspen Snowmass trail map. Coming to an abrupt halt, I traversed over to the entrance of the trees and slowly began to get immersed in the beauty of Aspen’s nature.

Strolling leisurely among the trees, I reached a clearing and paused for one last photo. With dusk approaching and the mountain quieting down, I snapped a cool picture before heading back down.

Skiing the Trail Map in Aspen Snowmass Mountain

Embracing the Thrills and Setbacks of Snowboarding in Colorado

I had one small wipeout, the first since my second day boarding, that actually injured my wrist, but it was all worth it. I’ll be better here in another week and back on the slopes to enjoy the beauty of the Rocky Mountains

Have you ever experienced the exhilaration of skiing or snowboarding on Snowmass Mountain? We’d love to hear about your adventures!

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