The day has finally come.  I’m currently sitting in my comfy blue leather seat aboard an aircraft flying hundreds of miles an hour over who knows what state in the great USA.  Where am I going you ask?  I’m visiting the great city of Bangkok.  Why?  To begin my journey across Asia.  What is my adventure travel plan?  I’ve got none.

The goal is to successfully complete a voyage through approximately 12 countries over the next 6-8 months; first stop being Thailand.

More specifically: Bangkok.  I’ve never been to the place but have most certainly heard of it.  The infamous “Hangover” movies leave nothing to the imagination and just creates a skyscraper of curiosity towering so high that it leaves me waiting to tumble over.  But what am I looking for?

Backpacking in Southeast Asia

I must tell you, it’s not those grotesque ping pong shows where a full grown woman pulls a squirming goldfish closely followed by a deck of cards and live pigeon out of her vag (although this would be oddly fascinating).  No.  What I’m looking for is that unique cultural experience that only the locals are aware of in the deepest crevices of Asia.  I’ll spend my first few days in Bangkok of course.  After all, I’ve already got housing lined up thanks to the amazing community at CouchSurfing where my host agreed to show me local customs.

But after that, I’m making my way North-East to Burma, up through Bangladesh and hopefully into the beautiful and mystic country of Bhutan.  Once I’ve explored the area, my next move is planned to jump over to Nepal where I’m hoping to visit the base camp of Everest.  This is one of those dreams come true things for me.

I’ve dreamt as a kid to visit the brute mountain of Mt. Everest but never thought I’d find myself at her doorstep…she’s a thing of pure, raw beauty that’s not to be f%#$ed with.  There was a point in time where I actually wanted to attempt summiting her myself…to reach the tallest parts of the seemingly unobtainable world seemed so appealing to me.  a very similar experience to what my friend Jackie achieved when she climbed up to Mount Kilimanjaro.  But at my age, I don’t know if I’d go for it now; even if given the opportunity it would have to take some serious contemplation for the sake of my parent’s sanity.

But after I’ve paid my respects in Nepal & Bhutan, my plan is to then make my way to China by way of Eastern India where I will perhaps visit the mighty Yangtze River.  Just to change directions and spend a few days on the river, I will then head further South spending a great deal of time in Vietnam, Laos & Cambodia.  I’ve got to be careful on timing, though.

I’m due to be in the Philippines by this December; something that I’m REALLY looking forward to.  This is where I’ll be taking a small break in between the trip to help get my bearings together.  But no worries as I don’t plan to settle for long; after my 21-day visa expires I’m back on the road and heading South to cap off my trip with a nice visit to not only Indonesia but Malaysia and Singapore as well!

Needless to say, I’m sure this is going to be a journey I won’t soon forget.  I’m hoping to see everyone along the way and all of your feedback is greatly appreciated! Have you ever been to Thailand, Vietnam or any of the countries I plan to travel through?  What do you recommend to see, eat or do?