Traveling with friends in Puerto Rico.Traveling along the dirt road at 37 mph, you hold on to your backpack and glance back to see the small stones get flung aside as they are released from the clutches of the tires.  

Your tour guide, a young local that you ran into at the outdoor food market in town, is silently content with the road ahead of him as you are sitting in awe with the beauty of the surrounding landscape.  

Boy I can’t wait to tell my family and friends back home about this experience that has seemed to take a major effect on my life.  Come to think of it, you’re thinking that although it is a blast traveling, it would be much more ideal with a travel buddy.  

To share all of the different foods, cultures, and religions with a genuine friend that has something in common with you would be nice.  Making friends in a hostel is easy, but what if you’re not staying in a hostel?

That’s why I’ve dedicated this next post as a quick guide to research different areas for finding fellow travelers to continue your adventure backpacking around the world!

The Quick Guide to Finding a Travel Partner…

1.) Find a Travel Buddy at TravBuddy!

TravBuddy is a free site that allows people who love to explore the world around them to find travel buddies, record travel experiences in personal travel blogs, and share their travel tips and reviews with others.  

No matter where you’re going in the world, TravBuddy has you covered!  You will have the opportunity chat with fellow travelers from all over the world and even meet up to travel with them.

2.) Join an Around the World Adventure w/ GlobeTrooper…

Globetrooper is a tool to find travel partners for group trips and around the world adventures. They have developed a system that allows you to create your own trips and invite people from all over the world to join you.  

Containing detailed information about many different regions, adventures, and personal experiences, you can even jump out on a limb and join someone else that had planned their own trip too! 

3.) Post your Travel Plans on Social Media

Another great way to find a travel partner is by browsing through social networking sites.  Just about everyone now-a-days has a Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram profile so simply post an update stating that you’re in search for a partner to travel with.  

Before you know it, someone is going to find that hashtag with your trip to Australia or cruise to the Bahamas and want to join you!

4.) Share Your Adventure on CouchSurfing!

CouchSurfing is, to this day, one of my biggest go-to platforms in the travel community.  But don’t let their platform fool you as you can easily find a travel buddy by staying with friends you make there.  Find that spontaneous CouchSurfer, tell them about your around the world adventure, and simply ask them if they’d like to join! 

There are many ways to find travel partners.  What I have listed are just the few that I personally used with great success.  All it takes is an open mind and thorough research to find that one friend that will open your eyes in ways that you could have never imagined!

Do you prefer to travel with friends or solo?