I walked along the side of this historic building not sure of what I was going to find. Listening to the boards creak under my feet, the wind blowing through the fuzzy leaves of the trees on the outlining deck and the silent hymn of the Tibetan Monks just on the other side of this painted glass really gave me a sense of ease.  

Walking silently through the two heavy wooden doors that made up the entrance to the church, I immediately felt overwhelmed with what the new world would describe to me as peacefulness…but I knew better.  

Having been practicing the art of meditation for some time now, I immediately recognized what I would describe as a “bolt of energy” going down my spine as my chakras being cleared in just an instant…and in that instant I felt at one.

All Eight of the Tibetan Monks were Silently Creating the Mandala.

It’s such a wonderful feeling…to be able to clear your mind and just be…there.  Stepping into the room and looking around, I found that there were a total of eight grown monks putting together a Mandala in the center of the room.  

A Mandala is a figure that represents the universe and all greater things in Hindu & Buddhist symbolism.  Such a symbol can represent a persons search for “oneness”.

The energy rising from the Mandala was spectacular.  Being blessed with the ability to see these things in colors, I could see a bright goldish-yellow light pouring out of the center of it & the energy…oh the energy it created in the room was spectacular!

Here’s a close up of one of the Monks silently creating the Tibetan Mandala…one grain of sand at a time…

Stepping a bit closer, I never realized how much detail and patience it took to put together such a delicate symbol.  They literally pieced the symbol together one grain of sand at a time by holding these elongated instruments all the while gently using a metal rod to rub the instruments lengthwise vibrating the grains out one at a time.  Simply magnificent.

Preparing for the group meditation (which was the whole reason I attended this ritual), I took my seat in front of the small wooden stage as the monks stowed all of their instruments and began making their way to the back of the room.  

As all of this was occurring, a woman came out in front of the crowd and introduced herself as a musician, where she then began playing a collection of about 8-10 differently sized Tibetan Singing Bowls.  It was just wonderful to the ears as she played each one harmoniously creating different vibrations & sounds.

Presenting a world of colors & energies, I began submitting myself to sheer bliss as time began ticking by.  10 minutes…20 minutes…maybe even 30 minutes later; who cared how much time had passed by.  I was at a place I hadn’t been in a long time…at peace with myself.  

Summoning up the end of her presentation, the musician very delicately introduced the group of Tibetan Monks as they began making their way onto the stage.  This was the moment I’d been waiting for.  

I’ve heard on various occasions the things that could happen while meditating with monks…the things you could see…the things you could feel

I was excited, yet nervous.  Anxious, yet calm.  All of these feelings and more left much anticipation, however something in the air…the monks…stillness left me in an almost trancelike stage and even though I was feeling all of these emotions, I still could easily clear my mind and be at one with myself & all that was surrounding me.  

Without speaking a single word, the monks then began to chant a deep, cavernous like chant that engulfed the entire room and all that was in it.  Instantly my mind began to still and awaken itself to all that was around me.  Subconsciously, I saw a vivid goldish-yellow light emit from the monks that matched the same light from the Mandala.  

As these colors were emitted into the room, I began going into a deep state of meditation where time was not of the essence and that’s when it happened.  A deep, violet orb appeared in front of my subconscious eye surrounded by a light, leafy green and turquoise color.  

Nearly bringing a tear of happiness to my soul, the colors began dancing melodiously around each other for what must have been at least 2 hours in the most stunning display I’ve ever witnessed in all my years of meditating.  

As the monks chanting ceased, my personal light energy show came to a conclusion and we sat in silence taking in all that was in that pure, blissful moment.  Opening my eyes and awakening to the light voice of the musician, I sat in awe as the monks looked upon each other and all that attended their meditation session in approval. 

It was surprising to see that all of this happened in the span of 1 hour…I could have sworn 2…maybe even 3 hours went by yet it hadn’t.  Gathering my composure, I stood up and approached the monks to silently thank them, admired the Mandala one last time and made my way out the door.  

I will always remember this blissful experience with the modest Monks and now have a new culture to experience sometime in the very near future when I travel to the untouched regions of Tibet.  

Namaste my friends.

Have you ever met a Tibetan Monk?