Wine, Beer & CigarsI want to start off todays blog with some tips about staying safe while going out into the bar scene when on the road.  

When traveling abroad, it’s all too tempting to getting involved in the culture and, naturally, drinking is a big part of many places!

Spring, summer, winter or fall, no matter where you go or what time of year it is, people like to have a good time.  Unfortunately, there are also people who like to take advantage of those having a good time as well.  

So what’s one thing you can do besides becoming a hermit crab stubbornly stuck in its shell and refusing to come out and play?  

Prepare & educate yourself!  Take a look at my tips below to help your friends and family keep peace of mind while you’re out and about traveling, making friends & partying abroad!

Tips for Staying Safe While Partying Abroad

Get Rested Up

Hawaii Surf Beach Ocean Hammock MauiOne thing you need to remember before you go out dancing ‘til dawn is that you should make sure you prepare yourself beforehand!  

There’s no since in being exhausted before you arrive to the club because, believe me, you’re going to need your energy if you plan to be pulling an all nighter!

Plan your day accordingly.  Use the morning for activities, take the afternoon to rest up (whether it by lounging at the beach or simply just walking around to explore the town you’re in).

If you’re really wanting to rest up, you could even foot the extra expense and stay in a hotel somewhere but that’s totally your call!

Pick a Good Location

Location is key to not only being safe, but to having a good night out!  When traveling by myself and searching for a bar to down a few brews, I usually always look for the same signs:

  • Fellow travelers
  • Busyness of the area
  • Whether the location is considered safe/not safe

With this in mind, I then calculate exactly how and/or what I should drink that night.  If it’s an unknown location and I’m by myself, I might down a beer or two.  Nothing more.  If it’s a very popular area and I’m amongst friends, then I’m down to have quite a few more. 😉

Keep friends Close

Friends Puerto Rico Beach Sunset

Going hand-in-hand with picking a good location, you must keep your friends and fellow backpackers close!  You know that term “there’s safety in numbers”?  Well it’s popular for a reason, because it’s true!  

If some thief is looking to take advantage of someone, they are most likely going to opt-out for the single drunk traveler by themselves, not the intense group of friends traveling with 4-10 people!  

In the rare case that you or your friends do become a target, it’s always a good idea to carry travel insurance.  It’s very easy to get and it only takes a few minutes of your time to get approved online.  Something that should be done while preparing for any trip abroad

Traveling solo as I do and nervous about making new friends?  Then take a look at the post I wrote about on how to make friends while staying in a hostel.

Drink in Moderation & Drink Wisely

Another thing to keep in mind while going out (whether it be back home or abroad) is to always drink in moderation.  Nobody enjoys babysitting the alcoholic who drank to the point that they’re totally sauced and unable to comprehend what’s going on around them.  I’ve been there, done that & won’t do it again because, quite frankly, that’s a good way for your night to start going sour!

Additionally, to keep yourself from being drugged, always pick your drinks wisely.  Personally, if I’m going out I never order hard alcohol because it can easily be drugged and I don’t know which liquor or what the liquor-to-mixer ratio is.  Try to follow the following:

  • Always order beer (make sure it is opened in front of you).
  • Never take your hand off the drink or place it down anywhere.
  • Avoid drinks bought for you by strangers.
  • Avoid Shots.

Follow these simple rules of thumb and you’ll be automatically set on a safer night out!

Never Go Home Alone!

Hostel Hammock Costa Rica BeachWhen the bar is closing down and it’s time for you to go home, never go home alone!  Always remain with a close friend or, at the very least, a fellow traveler.  

I would estimate that a great majority of incidents that occur would be just after a bar closes down.  Most of the people coming out are highly intoxicated and a prime target for petty theft.  

The bottom line is, keep yourself out of harms way and use common sense to ensure the best vacation possible!

What are your tips for having a safe night out on the town?