Hostel Hammock Costa Rica BeachOver the course of several years traveling all over the globe, I’ve found it astonishing at exactly how many ways people find to cover their travel expenses.  From flights, hotels, activities, food….anything you can think of, they fund it all from the road.

When I first began traveling full time, I had no idea at exactly how possible it was to do this.

It seems like a livelihood that’s incredulous, yet, when you throw yourself right into the mixture you quickly realize just how easy it is to accomplish a life of full-time travel.  You set your routines, a flexible schedule and priorities.

As long as you stick to your schedule (for the most part anyways), it’s pretty darn easy to do.  Needless to say, your cheap holidays can turn into a full-time holiday; especially if you know thrifty travel tips that would give you the extra freedom and ease of mind.

So, with this thought in mind, I had an idea to take note and research some of the most popular ways people have found to fund their travels while traveling abroad.  Become inspired and learn how to make a living while traveling through these 25 unique, location independent jobs.

25 Popular Ways to Work Abroad

  1. Self-employed webmaster, blogger and/or travel writer.
  2. Sales (of other peoples’ products).
  3. Flipping websites/domain names.
  4. Public affairs & public relations; working in digital engagement.
  5. Website design & audio engineering.
  6. Through a business that produces ready-made newsletters (like my free travel newsletter), online newspapers or other subscription based service.
  7. As a freelance writer, involving blogging, copywriting, ghost writing & article/e-book writing.
  8. Affiliate marketing.
  9. Online community manager, community consultant & entrepreneur.
  10. Reporting, copywriting & marketing consultations.
  11. Geographical information analysis for research institutions.
  12. Consulting services for organizational development.
  13. Selling information products & coaching.
  14. Web development.
  15. Consultant for a large data services/hardware company.
  16. Customer service manager for online software company.
  17. Website design and management.
  18. Sales (conducting phone sales with Skype to contacts).
  19. Web & software developer consultations.
  20. Work on Cruise Ships, Cargo Ships or Private Yachts.
  21. Operate various websites & conduct freelance design work.
  22. Social media consulting.
  23. Working for a publisher (writing, illustration, photography).
  24. Health and wellness coaching.
  25. Business advisor.

When you’re working around the world, make sure you always have the proper travel documents. For instance, national insurance is required in the UK and a Pan Card is needed for India. To learn more about how to get these things, visit a reputable website such as Pan Card Seva.

Which of these would you choose to guide your own personal travel career?