When many people think of Spain, they think fiesta.  After all, traveling around the world I can say without a doubt that Spaniards are amongst the craziest people I’ve ever had the pleasure of drinking a beer with…up there with the Aussies I’ve partied with in Hawaii and my Argentinian friends who went snowboarding with me in Colorado.

But what about the heart of the fiesta?  Where can you find it?  Where are the most influential and loyal Spaniards throwing down for the local fiestas?  That, my friends, would be at the festivals.  Take a look at the Top 5 Festivals in Spain You Just Can’t Miss the next time you plan a holiday traveling through Spain.

Festivals in Spain You Can’t Miss

1) Running of the Bulls

Considered one of Spain’s most famous festivals, travelers around the world flock to see crazy dare-devils dress in white shirts and red bandanas to line up in a crazy dash down the cobblestone streets.  What are they running from?  The full grown bulls rampaging down the streets.  Both locals and visitors alike get involved in this crazy festival and it’s a fiesta you must attend at least once in your life!

2) Las Fallas

Bon fires, giant puppets and street parties.  This pretty much sums up the nature of Las Fallas.  This 5 day event leading up to Saint Josephs Day (19 of March) is a commemoration of the Saint Joseph holiday.  Neighborhoods traditionally construct their own giant puppets that are later set fire to as part of their satirical nature.  Have a little too much to drink on the days leading up the the main event?  Even if you do pick the perfect accommodation during your holiday in Spain, you’ll be sure to wake the following morning as the Valencianos running outside your window are sure to wake you up with a BANG as they throw firecrackers down the streets!

3) Tomatina Tomato Festival

Also known as La Tomatina, this festival involves the death of nearly 150,000 tomatoes (that’s tons upon tons of tomato guts!) as they are hurtled from person to person over the course of one hour.  By the end of it all, the streets are painted with red debris and tomato juice is flowing down the streets like a river!  Don’t plan to wear any good clothing here as by the end of the festivities you’re sure to toss them out! 😉

When it comes to having a fiesta, the Spaniards definitely know how to throw down.  Whether it’s running drunkily from bulls, throwing tomatoes at a total stranger or partying your pants off at a night club be sure to check out one of the festivals the next time you travel through Spain!

What major Spanish festival would you like to attend?