Tour Milwaukee Great Lakes Wisconsin Downtown City Skyscraper Bridge WalkI discovered Milwaukee was perfect for two things: eating food and drinking beer.  And what two things to be great for!

As I drove clear across the USA, making stops in Colorado and the infamous Mount Rushmore, I cleared the vast wasteland of South Dakota and finally made it to the Great Lakes in Milwaukee.

But what was there to do now that we arrived?

Taking some advice from our friendly CouchSurfing community, we decided to team up with Bublr Bikes by getting a couple of bike rentals and began exploring the town.  Read on to discover the Top 3 Things to do on a Budget while visiting Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Riding through Downtown Milwaukee

The Breweries & Pubs

Lakefront Brewery Tour Milwaukee Wisconsin Beer

What should be named as one of the best beer towns in North America, Milwaukee is literally crawling with pubs – or should I say pub crawling?  You can throw a baseball in any direction and hit a bar, grill, pub, or brewery.

Heading to the nearest one in the area, we decided to go on one of the many brewery tours the town offers.  For a measly entrance fee, you not only get the entertainment of going behind the scenes at a real factory, but you also get a handful of vouchers allowing you to get properly buzzed while getting the down-low of beer making.  Let’s just say this is one of the many great reasons to travel for beer.

Milwaukee Bay

Bublr Bike Bicycle Tour Milwaukee Great Lakes Wisconsin Pier

Another great budget activity in Milwaukee involves simply riding your bike over to the Milwaukee Bay and enjoy visiting the pier as well as some R&R at the many open field parks.  Here you can either throw a picnic/barbecue, toss around the frisbee, and take a nap in the sun.

Is the sun getting a little too much for you?  Then take a dip in the water at one of the handfuls of beaches.

The Historic Streets

Bublr Bike Bicycle Tour Milwaukee Great Lakes Wisconsin Street Road Pub Bar Restaurant

Similar to their counterparts in Europe, Milwaukee is thriving with loads of history which offers some pretty significant streets to simply wander around on.  Here you can pass by small shops for window shopping, local pubs, and various other buildings.

I found it rather interesting especially if there’s a ball game going on.  As a town with a pretty young crowd, there’s always something going on and plenty of places to get a bite to eat.

Have you ever been to Milwaukee?