Tower Bridge UK London RiverWhen planning your trip to visit the UK, the internet is loaded with information about the most popular destinations that you just can’t miss.

Sites like her Her Majesty’s Royal Palace (aka the tower of London) and St. Paul’s Cathedral are obviously spots that you must visit.

But, when you’re wanting to spice up your trip with a little more adventure, where do you go and what is there to do?

Sure, everything in London is essentially within walking or cycling distance but when you want to experience the real gems this magnificent piece of land has to offer, you simply have to opt for a car hire with Thrifty and make your way into the countryside.

Take a look at these top fun things to do in London, England so that you can make sure your next trip to the UK is an adventure you’ll remember for the rest of your life!

Top Things to do in London

1.) Visit the Windsor Castle

Windsor Castle London UK Royal

Of all the places to visit during your trip to the UK, you must take time to visit the Windsor Castle.

Having the privilege of homing British Kings and Queens for over 1,000 years, you’ll essentially be touring through a real life fairytale and see first-hand what it was like to live in the royal palace.  I highly recommend visiting with a small group as you’ll get a more personal tour of the castle giving you an adequate amount of time to enjoy the architecture & history.

2.) Gorge Scrambling in Wales

Brecon Beacon Waterfall Wales London UK United Kingdom

The UK is known for some fairly dramatic scenery: the rolling green hills that remind you of The Lord Of The Rings; the rocky shorelines in the northern regions; and the spectacular lakes and valleys of the Lakes District.

If you’re one for adventure, there’s no better way to get out and experience some of the dramatic scenery than gorge walking: a sort of guided trekking/climbing activity that leads you on a wet river walk through stunning scenery and breathtaking backdrops.  There really is no better way to get your adventure on than to plunge into the freezing water of ancient chasms, rocky valleys, and rapid-like streams.

3.) Hiking Hadrians Wall

Hadrian's Wall Hiking London England UK United Kingdom Field

A hike along Hadrian’s Wall can offer a thrill in a few ways.  Just like many of the hiking trails in Kauai, Hawaii, it’s a fairly serious hike, as the Wall stretches roughly 75 miles across northern England.  The UK’s National Trails site has some details on how to enjoy a hike along the wall, including information about pubs and towns along the way.

But the trail is also a thrill for anyone with an interest in the history of the area, as it’s one of the more fascinating preserved landmarks from ancient times.  The wall was built by the Roman emperor Hadrian as one of his many efforts to improve the defenses of the outer reaches of the Roman Empire.  It’s truly remarkable how much of the wall remains intact today.

4.) Cycling – Touring the UK Countryside

Dorset Wiltshire UK United Kingdom London Touring Cycling Countryside Europe

For those who take an athletic approach to adventure vacationing, the UK is packed with fantastic cycling routes that can expose you to the beautiful countryside while offering you the thrill of long distance cycling in a foreign area.

With optimal coastal and countryside routes you’ll find a nice variety of ideas on where to tour.  Once you pick a part of the country to cycle through, you’ll have options as far as where to go, what pace to move at, and where you’ll stop to spend the night.  Towards the end of your trip, you’ll feel as satisfied as if you just completed the USA Pro Cycling Challenge!

5.) Diving the Scapa Flow

Dorset Wiltshire UK United Kingdom London Touring Cycling Countryside Europe Seascape Scapa Flow

From coastal hikes to sailing and rowing trips, there’s a lot in the way of water-bound adventure in the UK.  But nothing quite tops a scuba dive at the Scapa Flow in the Orkneys for adventure travelers.  The Guardian made note of the location’s unique intrigue due to both nearby cave diving and the presence of a number of sunken German warships from the World War 1 era.

Wrecks are about the best you can do with UK diving and the Scapa Flow wrecks are both eerie and captivating.  It may not be the same as scuba diving amongst sea turtle & land mines in Puerto Rico, but all in all, it makes for a unique expedition.

Which adventure would you like to take most while in the UK?